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Truly Madly Deeply- Sequel to Nobody Compares (Louis Tomlins
Story published January 21, 2013 · updated August 29, 2013 · completed · 142 pages · 43,494 readers · 671,005 reads
Chapter 37: His na
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Chapter 37: His name is Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy

Valerie’s POV:
~ September 25th ~
Okay, so the boys’ break hadn’t gone exactly how they wanted it to go.
Holly came home earlier in the week, after a trip to the hospital, with a broken nose and a large bruise on her stomach. We somehow managed to hide he whole incident with Holly’s uncle from the paps. But it’s not like they didn’t have enough 1D drama to satisfy their needs.
Paps had gotten pictures of Liam hurrying out of a hotel that morning, the hotel that Danielle was supposedly staying at. There were rumors circulating around the internet about Liam and Danielle getting back together and, after Liam denied that on twitter, now they were saying that they ‘hooked up’. None of us had any idea whether that was true though, because Liam hadn’t really come out of his room since he came home. He only came out when he needed to use the bathroom or to grab a quick snack from the kitchen, but then he'd go right back into his room. We weren’t going to bother him though, sure that he'd talk to us when he was ready to.
Louis and Jennifer had gone for a walk around the town that day as well and, of course, the paps got pretty much the whole thing in pictures. Exactly what management wanted right? Nope, think again! Paul called early today and told Louis that he and Jennifer would have to go out again before the boys left to return to tour tomorrow.
I know I said that I wasn't jealous or anything, but this whole fake relationship thing that Louis and Jennifer had to do was starting to get to me. Constantly seeing the pictures of the staged kisses and the fake cuddles was definitely taking a toll, even if I knew they were fake.
Louis was out on the last fake date with Jennifer during their break and I was currently sitting on one of the sofas, watching a Doctor Who marathon. I was just at the last episode with Amy and Rory in it and I was an emotional mess. Yes, any normal fan would be too, but add the pregnancy hormones to the mix and you've got a whole different kind of emotional mess. Let's just say I'd already gone through an entire box of tissues since the beginning of the marathon.
I heard the door open and I looked up to see Louis and Jennifer slip into the flat. I quickly wiped away the tears from watching Doctor Who and sent a weak smile their way.
"Hey guys," I said, my voice catching on the last word. Damn hormones... Louis and Jennifer looked up at me, Jennifer waved a little before walking into the kitchen and Louis frowned.
"Have you been crying?" he asked, walking over and sitting next to me on the sofa. I nodded.
"Yeah," I said. He scooted closer to me and wrapped an arm around me, letting my rest my head on his shoulder.
“Why were you crying?” he asked, after planting a kiss on the top of my head. I pointed at the TV screen.
“Amy and Rory,” I said, “It gets to me every time. The damn hormones aren’t helping either.” Louis nodded.
“I’ve never seen that episode before,” he said, “I’ll have to watch it sometime.” I chuckled and turned my attention back to the TV. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Louis bite his lip. Before I could think anything of it, Louis stood up and walked out of the room.
He was back in less than a minute, cupping something in his hands. He walked in front of the TV and knelt down in front of me so that he was looking at me straight in the face.
“Louis…?” He opened his hands to reveal a small, pink, plastic lizard. I raised an eyebrow at him and he kept looking at me, a cute pout on his face.
“His name is Squishy,” he said, “And he shall be yours and he shall be your Squishy.” He kept pouting as he said this and I couldn’t help but laugh. He held out his hand and I took the toy lizard from his palm. He quickly got up and sat back down next to me and put his arm around my shoulders.
“I know you’ve been bothered by the whole Lennifer thing lately,” Louis said, “Just remember that what the public sees between me and Jennifer is all a lie. What we have, it’s one hundred percent real.” He leaned forward and pecked my lips, “I love you Val, so much, never forget that.” I smiled and nodded.
“I won’t,” I said quietly, “Now, I’m curious.” I held up Squishy the Lizard, “What’s with the lizard?”
“The lizard has a name Val,” Louis said jokingly, “To be completely honest, I don’t know. I had a little too much sugar while Jennifer and I went into town and Squishy kept me entertained.”
“How?” I laughed. Louis took Squishy and started flicking the toy around, the tail slapping the sides of his hand as he did. I kept laughing and rolled my eyes. Louis may be a goofball, but he’s my goofball.

Hey y'all!
Sorry it took so long to update! But I have a good excuse... I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL 
Yeah, I honestly thought I was going to cry during the ceremony but I didn't... well, that's mostly because I was holding back the tears because I didn't want to look like an idiot for crying at the beginning of the ceremony.
So, I finally found a picture of what Valerie looks like!
Valerie I think the girl actually looks a lot like Gemma....
I've got a pounding headache so if this chapter sucks, that's why... my dogs wouldn't shut up last night and I barely got any sleep.  They may be adorable, but they're annoying as hell...
I'm also just trying to stretch out the story until the end... I have to fit five months into the rest of the story... if you've been keeping track, you'll know why... 
Anyways, that's all for now, until next time, later gaters!
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