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Justmine Love Story
Story published January 21, 2013 · updated January 22, 2013 · 1 page · 81 readers · 185 reads
Justmine love stor
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Justmine love story chapter 2

Jasmine's mom:*walks in jasmines room* jasmine wake up u have to start packing ur stuff we leave from Los Angeles tomorrow

jasmine: do we have to move mom

jasmines mom: yes now get packed *walks out of jasmines room*

jasmines pov- ugh I don't want to move cause that means I have to go to a new school, make new friends and move to a new house. I love the house I have now I lived here my whole life but I guess I have to move now *sighs*

with Justin

justins mom: Justin I'm tired of u going to parties and bringing home random girls.

Justin: *ignores her and goes upstairs*

justins mom pov: this kid is impossible he never used to be like this he used to be all nice and sweet until he got into 7th grade when he met Lil twist

jazzy walks in his room

Justin: get out of my room *pushes her out then locks the door and climbs down the window and goes to a party