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Life of a Badass
Story published January 22, 2013 · updated November 3, 2013 · completed · 50 pages · 8,022 readers · 73,084 reads
Es Stupido!
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Es Stupido!

"AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Si Claro!!!" I squealed i jumping on him while wrapping my legs around him. "English Carter" He said laughing.  "Yes stupido!!! Of course!!!!!"  I said looking in his eyes. "Stupido? Really? Are you always this mean to your boyfriend?"  He asked raising his eye brow. "Oh shut up and kiss me." I said shutting him up. 

Princeton P.O.V 

 "Where are Ray and Carter???" I mean I know they walking home today but damn it shouldn't take that long right? Why did they even want to walk that's so much exercise!! "Probably making out at the bus stop or in her room making out." Roc said while Mari punched him in the shoulder. " What do you mean?" Making out?!?!? TF?? "Ray finally grew a pair and said he was gonna get out of the friend zone!!" Roc said poking Marisol in her sides. Damn Damn Damn!!!!!!!

Marisol  P. O. V. 

Whoa I guess Ray forgot to tell him. And before I could think of why Roc began tickling Me again. "Hahahahaha....... Roc..... Quit..... Hahahaha....staaaaaappph!!!!!" I said between laughs. "Nope say sorry for punching me first" he said not letting me go. "Hahahahaha.......aaahhh.....noooo...........never!!!.... Aaahahahaha!"  "Then I won't quit." "Hahahaha.......aaahaha.....stop you're..... going..... to....... make me......... pee...hahahaha" I said and he finally stopped.  I flicked him in the arm and ran for the bathroom. "CHEATER!!!!!!!!" He yelled when I shut and locked the bathroom door. "That's not the point!!!!" I yelled back. Then my phone rang. And I saw Carter's name.

Cclovesyou: Conozco mi nuevo novo????? xD
DeniorMiAmor: hmmm Ebon Lurks????
Cclovesyou:  Ora le tu es Tonto y comicio.hahahaha. Ray :p
DeniorMiAmor: Hahaha yay!!!!
Cclovesyou: Hasta luego

"Its official Ray and Carter are finally together!!" I squealed. "Helllloooooo?" I questioned putting my ear to the door. "Roc? Did you leeeeaave??" Again silence. Must be safe. I walk out and peek around the corner. Nothing. "What are you doing?" someone asked from behind me. "AAH!" I screamed. "Chill!!!! It's just me gosh" Shelby said with Prod laughing by her side. "For ninjas sake but a bell around your neck or something." I said trying to put my heart back in my chest. "Why are you so-" She was interrupted by Roc jumping out and putting me over his shoulder. "Aaah Roc!! Put me down!!" I yelled squirming to get out of his grip. "Nope I have to get the door first, and then i have to get you back." He said walking towards the door. 

Carter P. O .V.

"What happened to your key?" I asked Taco while we were waiting for someone to open the door. "I left it my room. Today had me kinda of distracted. But its all good." He said kissing me for like the tenth time on our way home. Dios Mios his lips are soo soft!  "I really love doing that." He said as he pulled away. Then the door opened. "WHOA BUTT!!!" I said trying walk past Marisol's big butt in the air. "Shut UP!!" She said trying to get down. hahahahaaaahh so funny. "Where's Prince?" I asked walking into the kitchen to see the rest of my goons.


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