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Requested Love Stories ~ON HOLD!~
Story published January 23, 2013 · updated March 15, 2013 · 43 pages · 6,494 readers · 20,784 reads
Andy Biersack~Andy
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Andy Biersack~Andy Biersack's Little Girl

Request FromAndy Biersack's Little Girl

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Name:Rebel Winters

        I heard the music blearing from the speakers that surrounded me as I headed for the front row of the concert hall. No band was performing yet my body slowly bobbed to the beating music; waiting patiently waiting for the main acted to come out on stage. I could feel people pushing me more into the railing before me. My anger began to built up as they continued to push and shove. That's it... I turned around at the fans making them stop what they were doing.

        "Can you please stop pushing and shoving me it's really annoying. Yes it's nice to be in the front row but other people were here first so back off!" I screamed at them my cocky side of me coming out to the surface as I looked upon their innocent faces. I swirled my body back round to face the front. I began playing with my hair being a little bit impatient. Finally my cousin came onto the stage holding his bass guitar; the other members stepped onto the stage and began playing their set. 

        Everyone was jumping and rocking out. Time to time I noticed the lead singer Andy Biersack look over my way sending me a wink and a smile. A grin swept across my face as I winked back in delight.

        They finished their set, fans left the arena leaving me to be the only one left standing. Many guards came over trying to make me leave. 

        "I'm Ashley Purdy's cousin if you have a problem with that and don't believe me then go ask him yourself" I played with my hair band waiting for Ashley to come and get me; he wanted me to meet the band to try and get to know them. Not long after I heard my name being called. I turned my body seeing Ashley on the stage ushering me to follow him. I stepping on stage beginning to follow him into back stage. We entered and I watched him leave to go get us some drinks for the both of us. I gazed over seeing the other band members sat on the couch drinking beer. I stood there awkwardly pouting my lips as I waited for Ashley to return. He came back a couple of minutes later holding two red cups giving me one of them that held in the alcoholic fluid. I drank from it and again followed Ashley like a lost puppy. He went over to the couches where the band were sat drinking their drinks. 

        "Hey guys this is my cousin Rebel Winters" I waved my hand in the air saying a quiet 'Hello' My body then moved so I was sat on the couch next to the lead singer Andy Biersack. I watched the guys talk about what they are doing the next day. I zoned out at that moment and thought about random things. I felt a tap on my shoulder; I turned my head around seeing it was Andy.

        "Can I help you?" I asked acting like I wasn't interested when actually it's the complete opposite.

        "I want to get to know you Rebel" he claimed.

        "What do you want to know?" then Andy asked a couple of questions; I answered truthfully they were just simple ones like favourite colour to my upbringing. When I was younger I was really close to Ashley... Almost felt more like a brother than cousin. As I grew Ashley and I parted; him pursuing his dreams of being in a band where as I was stuck in high school.  Teenage years I kept a little contact with him being invited to their concerts but never meeting the band. 

        "How come you never met us in person if you are Ashley's cousin?" I shrugged not really knowing the true answer to his question. We kept talking for a while until soon after I wanted to go... Well go to bed since it was 2 am in the morning. I stood up saying my 'Goodbyes' I felt something being put in my pocket; I didn't care what it was I will look later when I get back. I hugged Ashley goodbye and left back stage into the car park and into my car where I drove in the night back to my apartment.

        I got in my apartment putting down my bag near the door and headed upstairs. I quickly got changed into my pyjamas; I heard  something fell out of my back pocket of my trousers. I bent down picking up the paper to find out it was Andy's number and a little note:

        Rebel I want to get to know you more
text me on this number to see whether we can
meet up some time 
555 xxx xxx

        I smiled down at the note and finally got into my warm bed that waited for me getting comfortable under the covers. I reached for my phone adding in Andy's number.

Me: Hey Andy this is Rebel xx
Andy: Hey Rebel glad you replied thought you never would xx
Me: Well I'm glad I did as well then :P xx
Andy: How about you come round my house tomorrow ... Today since I have a free day?
Me: I think it would be easier for you to come round mine xx
Andy: Alright then I will see you later on today? ha ha I'll bring some stuff round xx
Me: Yeah sure here's my address : _____________________________________ well I'm going to bed now night xx

        I shut off my phone and went straight into my sleep where I dreamed about the events to come.

        The next morning I woke up to my phone buzzing... guess it turned on by itself again. I peered over my covers seeing it was a text from Andy explaining what time he is coming round about mid day. I looked at the time on my phone seeing it was 11:00 am. I went into the bathroom jumping in the shower than brushed my teeth and hair once I was out. I got changed : .  I added a few accessories and some make-up before heading downstairs turning on the television and began to watch kiddy programs I so loved. I heard a knock at my door; I got up form my comfy place and headed over toward the front door. I opened it finding Andy standing there with 2 plastic bags full of stuff he said would bring. I let him in by stepping aside; I lead him into the living room where I had practically everything set up. He put his bags down getting out a movie and put it in; he came back over sitting on my leather couch next to me. I felt his arm being out around my shoulders. I leaned my head on his shoulder in return.
        During the film Andy moved his arm from around my shoulder and put it on my thigh. I didn't mind at all and continued watching the movie. I kept getting distracted by Andy. He kept moving his hand further up my leg.

        "What are you doing?" I asked lifting my head from his shoulders so I was gazing into his blue eyes. His face look taken back.

        "Nothing" he smiled laying his hand back on my thigh. I laughed and put my head back where it was.

        "Yes because It seems like nothing" he laughed once again but strangely I liked the feeling. I couldn't help myself any more as I kissed his cheek. He had other plans as he held my face in his hands gently planting a soft but meaningful kiss on my lips. I continued kissing him until I felt his tongue trail across my bottom lip I granted him entrance in a matter of seconds. I let our tongues dance with each other. We didn't care about the movie any more as I sat in Andy's lap making out with him. His hand trailed up my top mine up his. For a 21 year old that just met a rock star and is now making out with him. I think life had dome me well.
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