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3.Cody Simpson Ima
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3.Cody Simpson Imagine.


"Where is he!" I said, trying to call Cody. Tonight was the school talent show and Cody said he'll come and watch it.
I tried to call him but it would come up with voice mail.

"(Y/N) YOUR ON IN 1" One of the crew said. I gave them a thumps up and got ready.
I moved to the right side backstage and waited for my cue. I took deep breaths and kept saying to myself that he'll come.

"Good luck (Y/N)" said the person who was on before me who passed me. I smiled at them and fixed my hair.

"Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the wonderful and talented (Y/N)" Alli said. The audience clapped as I came onstage and walked to the brand Peugeot Design Lab Pleyel piano. The audience was silent. I took a deep breath and started to play.

After I finished the audience gave me a standing ovation which shocked me.

I did a bow and was gonna go backstage till Alli stopped.

"Wait a sec, (Y/N) I think we have a special guest to see you." Alli said. Right saying that, the crowd scream very very LOUDLY! And my expression was like 'No freaking way!'. Cody made after all! I screamed, ran to him and gave him a massive hug. He laughed and hugged back.

"You came" I whispered, smiling. We both pulled back and Cody smiled.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world" he smiled. We smiled and got shooed off stage by Alli for the others to perform. We went backstage and started to talked.

"You were amazing up there, (Y/N)" Cody commented.

"Thanks Cody" You smiled.

"How you been since the last time Mr Simpson?" I said playfully.

"I've been fantastic, Mate. How have you been Miss (Y/N)?" He says, cheekily.

"I'm good" I said, laughing at the end.

After that he just talked about the tour, visiting his fans and other stuff.

We were talking until, one of the crew said they were announcing the winner of the show. I nodded and got up, Cody stood up as well.

"You coming?" I asked.

"I just need to do something but I'll be there I promise" He said. I nodded and went to the stage. I thinking if I don't win, I'm not bovered but If I do that would be great.

"And the winner is.......................................(Y/N)" Alli said.

Balloons, loose streamers and confetti came down, the crowd clapping and shouting/screaming. Everyone pulled me into a big tight hug as they cheered. I laughed and hugged them back. They let go and Cody come to the stage, gave me flowers:

pulled me to a hug.

"Well done (Y/N), I knew you could do it" He says.

"Thanks Codes" I say. I pecked him on the cheek and we both entwined our hands together.

"How about we hear a song off the winner and Cody" Alli says. Everyone cheered.

"How about that" Cody says, cheekily. I laughed as Alli gave us both mics.

'Ready?' Cody mouthed. I nodded, smiling as the music came on.

We finished the song. I hugged Cody and started to walked backstage. Then I got pulled back by Cody.

"Not so fast, just wait. I need to tell you how I feel." He says.

 When he sang it, he would sometimes look me in the eyes and make me blush.

"(Y/N), Will you be my angel?" He asked, when he finished.

"Yes" I said, smiling. He smiled widely and gave me a long sweet kiss. You could hear the crowd cheering but all you cared about was you and Cody in a special. We pulled away.

"Let's dance!!!!" I said through the mic. Everyone as the music started.

Me and Cody dance the whole night away with each other, smiling knowing this is what you will cherish through the relationship.

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