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35.Austin Mahone I
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35.Austin Mahone Imagine.


You were in the studio, writing and recording some of your own songs with your mentor. You were so excited because you were doing a duet with Ne-Yo! You both have already done the song lyrics, all you need is to record.

"Thanks Ne-Yo!" You said, giving him a hug. Everyone was clapping because of a great song produced.
"Your welcome (Y/N), I'll see you in the future" Ne-Yo said, before leaving.

After that, You grab your song sheets and stuff, putting your beats in and leaving. You were listening to your song and when you got out the record company, all you know is that you were being knock to the ground. All your song sheet on the floor with some other stuff.

"I'm sorry" The voice said, helping picking up my stuff.
"It's alright, I'm such a klutz and wasn't looking-" You said until you made eye contact with the person. It was the one and only Austin Mahone!
"(Y/N)" Austin said.
"Austin" You said.
"It's nice to meet you" You both said, laughing at the end cause you both said. He grab your song sheets before it few away.
"New song?" He asked.
"You could say that" You sighed.
"Maybe I could help you? Write the song?" Austin asked.
"Will you?" You said, shocked.
"Yep but you owe me." He said, smiling. You smiled and nodded, going inside again.
*2 Hours later*
You and Austin finally figure out the lyrics to the song and done it. You decided to have Austin do the rap since he wrote it.

"Thank you Austin" You smiled, giving him a hug.
"No problem (Y/N)" He said, smiling. You both looked into each others eye and started to lean. You guys closed your eyes and shared a passionate kiss. After you pulled away you both had big smiles on your faces.
"I'll see you soon (Y/N)" He smiled, hugging you.
"Text me" You said before pulling away and started walking.


You were walking down to the beach to meet up with Austin. You guys haven't seen each other since you met because you both have been so busy. You smiled just thinking of him, knowing he was absolutely perfect. Something caught your eye as spotted Austin. Your eyes grew wide as he waved over to you chuckling at your face.

"W-What's this?" You said, stuttering , as he took your hand lightly.
"Just for a special someone," He winked, then pulled out your chair for you. Suddenly he grabbed microphone off the sand and turned towards the random people walking by.
"Everyone, this is (Y/N) and if it's not to much trouble I would like you guys to sing to her which will express what I fell and she needs to know how I feel about her." He said, then turned to you and smiled. You smile as he starts to sing.

"Cause your heart is in my hands
(your heart is in my hands)
‘Cause your heart is in my hands
Ooh whoa yeah"

You dropped your head down, your cheeks feeling hot. People 'awed and clapped. Suddenly Austin set a finger under your chin and brought your gaze to meet his. His gorgeous hazel eyes staring directly into yours. Then he looked at your lips and back to your eyes, smiling. You giggled then grabbed him and pressed your lips against his.
Follow, Heart? Please?