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73.Luke Hemmings I
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73.Luke Hemmings Imagine.

For Lexi Cardona

It was a cold January day, and you had no work neither did Luke cause he had a day off. So you both decided to have a lazy day in. You guys were in your bedroom messing around with one another.

"Rock.. Paper.. Scissors!" We say at the same time. He chose rock, I chose paper. I slap his other hand, smiling. 
"Ow! You hit my hand too hard." Luke complains. I roll my eyes and laugh. He chuckles.

"Again!" He says excitedly. 
"Rock.. Paper.. Scissors!" We say together again, he chose scissors I chose rock. I laugh.

"DAMN IT!" He shouts. I laugh, I slap his hand again.

"Ah, forget it. I don't want to play anymore." He takes his hand back, I laugh. 
"Grumpy baby." I say, I poke his cheek. 
"No. Don't touch me." He pouts and turns around, his back facing me. I laugh. 
"Luke! Don't be mad at me." I whine, he grunts. I hug his side. "LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE!" I repeat his name over and over again. He continues to ignore me. I push him to the ground and sit on top of him. 
"Hey! Get off of me!" He says. 
"No. You won't not be mad at me." You said, hold tightly on his arms.
"Fine! I'm not mad at you! Just get off of me!" I roll off of him then stand up. I bend over and slap his forehead.
"Hey!" I laugh and run into the living room, hiding your face on a cushion.
"I'm gonna get you (Y/N)!" Luke shouted, you screamed in the cushion after that you could feel large, strong arms around you.
"I found you" Luke whispered in your ear, giving you a kiss on the cheek. You looked at him and hit him with the cushion. You both laughed at sat up.

"So, what do you want to do?" Luke asked, holding you tight.
"Hmmm." You thought. "I'm not sure."
Together you two sat there, stumped on what to do. You couldn't go outside, it was too cold for to do anything.
"Hey, why don't we bake cookies?" Luke asked, shifted in his seat.
You thought about it. "Yeah, alright."
We got up to the kitchen.
"So, what kind of cookies are we baking, Chef Hemmings?" You giggled as he grabbed a cook book from the top shelf of the cupboard.
"Well, how about chocolate chip cookies?" He licked his lips.
After all the ingredients were scattered all over the counter, and the correct appliances needed for the project were there too, you began reading the recipe.
"225g plain flour." You said.
Luke grabbed the sack of flour that sat on the counter. He measured the flour. But instead of pouring into the large mixing bowl, he dumped it on the top of your head.
"Luke!" You screamed.
You were covered in a light blanket of flour, your hair completely white. When you batted your lashes, powder flew off like snow. You had gotten tons of it in your mouth, leaving your tongue feeling dry and leathery. You spit it out into the sink.
"Ugh. Why would you do that?" You asked, putting your hands on your hips.
He shrugged. "I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. You were just standing there so innocently..." 
You sighed and turned back to making the dough. When you spread it out on the counter, it was a little runny. You had to add more flour to it, otherwise it would be impossible to knead. But then you had a better idea..
"Babe?" Luke asked, grabbing your waist from behind. You refused to talk to him after what he did to you. "I'm sorry." He said quietly.
"No, I'm sorry." You answered.
He looked at you, brow furrowed. "Why?"
You grabbed the dough, still runny, and smashed it into his face; making sure to get it all in his hair.
"For that." You said, smirking. "I really didn't mean to." You put on your pouty-puppy-dog face.
Luke's shocked face then turned into laughter. "That's my girl." He said.
"So, I guess the whole 'baking cookies' idea was just kind of thrown out the window, wasn't it?" He asked.
You laughed. "I guess so."

After that you guys tidied the whole kitchen, clean yourself up and watch a nice movie before sleeping in each other's arms.
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