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Oh so you dig the ironies? Dave x Reader
Story published January 24, 2013 · updated April 23, 2013 · 17 pages · 748 readers · 4,720 reads
Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

Karkat seemed to always have good intentions, but his people skills were low.
    “Always having good intentions,
    But being human
    Just keeps, getting, in your way,” as the song forms on you lips without your thinking.
    “Talking to yourself or cussing at Karkat after he left?” you hear here Dave’s voice before noticing the Dave beside you on the wall.
    “Ahh,” your face burns and you can’t think of something. Think ____________, think. “Ironiclly I was cussing at myself for not cussing at Karkat.”
    Dave laughs, “Nice one but really?”
    “I was just... I don’t know,” You pull yourself to your feet, “I’m gonna....”
    “You wanna see my collection?” Dave asks you.
    “Of what?”
    “Come over here.” Dave walks over to the back window kicking a chair in front of it and gesturing for you to climb up. You step on to the chair and look out the window. “See that house like strait ahead?”
    “Yeah,” you see a house as well as a garage.
    “On the garage second floor in the window,” Dave gives you a minute to take in what he just told you. On the window still you see a bunch if jars.
     “Is that a pickled kitten?”
    “Yeah.” Dave says with a cool demeanor, as usual but there’s an undertone of emotion in his voice, like a need of approval.
    “Nice,” you say it kind of gross and creepy but like really kick-ass at the same time, “If you get a tattoo, when you die are you going have it pickled?”
    “Yus, I will get a tattoo just so that it can be pickled when I die,” he gives you a WTF look and you find it sexy as hell.
    “I’ll get a tattoo too and if I die first you can have and pickle it and tell your grandchildren about how ____________ ________________ the famous song writer, who you went to school with gave you her tattoo after she died.”
    “And it will sit right next to my pickled heart. For ironic purposes,” Dave puts his hand on his chest. You laugh and blush even more.
    “Want to meet my bro?” Dave asks.
    “The DJ right?” you answer his question with yours, hoping down from the chair. You both walk over to the booth.
    “Sup?” Bro twitches his head toward you and Dave.
    “Bro, _____________. _____________, Bro,” is how Dave introduces you to his brother. All Bro does is grunts at you.
    “Umm, hi?” Bro is clearly where Dave got his cool, and if Bro didn’t like you, Dave wouldn’t like you ether.
    “This is the one who was rapping at lunch, right?” Bro asks Dave, wait. Dave told his Bro about you?
    “Yeah. Bro, will you play a song for _____________?” Dave looks up at his guardian.
    “Yeah, what ya want?” Bro makes eye contact with you through his shades.
    “Umm,” you think, “How about ‘The Rock Show’ by Blink 182?”
    “Sure,” after the song on the speaker fades away the electric guitar comes blasting through the speakers.
    You sing along to every word under your breath, foot tapping and head swinging lightly.
    “To bad this isn’t a rock show,” Dave pulls you from your numb, tried mind.
    “Ugh?” your confused.
    “Because you look the part and ironically I feel the part.”
    “What?!” Gog talk about dropping a bomb...
    He laughs and your crushed, “You should have seen your face,” more laughter.
    Your phone starts ringing and you grab it answering.
    “Hey?” Lily’s voice invades you ear.
    “Why are you calling me? Your just across the room,” you practically yell into the phone.
    “Because I’m at Eridan’s,” she hiccups.
    “You’re drunk?”
    “Yeah, it’s not like I was bejing brain dad laning on the fall, I mean ummm, wall.”
    “I thought we were staying at Rose’s?” your too tried to really deal with this.
    “Oh no, Rose’s mom won’t let her have frands ovah  after she found out Rose was dating a girl.”
    “And you know I can’t have my dad pick me up and you still did this?”
    “You aren’t mad, are you?”
    “No of course not,” you say sarcastically hanging up.
    “Wow, you look like an addict who had his crack supply cut off,” Dave is shocked.
    “Ha, I don’t have a place to stay the night. My siblings are up north with my grandparents and Dad’s in Florida for work.”
    “Your mom?”
    “Well, you can probably crash at my house, Bro wouldn’t mind.”