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Jeff the Killer's Child (Part two)
Story published January 26, 2013 · updated February 23, 2013 · completed · 18 pages · 6,738 readers · 31,218 reads
The Wagner House
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The Wagner House

        In the house that belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, was the couple, still up at 1:30 am, fighting about the same thing they had hours ago.
"Maybe we should just get it taken care of then, tomorrow morning!" the unhappy wife said, sitting on the opposite side of the bed of her husband, back turned to him. The husband slowly put his hands on his face and groaned. "Tomorrow won't work, we don't have enough money."
"Well then maybe you'll have to deal with it."
The two had been trying to find a babysitter for the little 3 year old girl, sleeping in the little nursery. The two were going out of town for a week, just for a small vacation, but they were having trouble to find a babysitter. The wife stood up and sighed, "I'm sleeping on the couch."
"Because I don't want to be in this room with you right now." She then grabbed a pillow, blanket and walked out of the room.
"Your acting ridiculous." the husband called after her, but the wife just ignored the man and went down the stairs. She flipped the light switch on and walked over to the large couch against the living room wall. She sat on the couch and stretched her neck back, sighing deeply. The stress really seemed to be getting to her and she couldn't take it much longer, she was thinking of getting a divorce later on if things didn't clear up. A loud clash of  in the bedroom made her jump slightly. She looked towards the direction to the stairs then let it go, it may have just been the man throwing things again. She was only shocked the second time when the man fell head first down the stairs, with glass in his guts from the mirror in the couples bedroom. The woman screamed at the top of her lungs, waking the young child sleeping up the stairs. The woman, not paying any attention to the man dead on the floor, ran up the stairs as fast as she could trying to get to the child. From the hallway up the stairs, a large man stepped out from the shadows and stood at least 8 feet from the woman. She stood still, not wanting to breath another second. She turned quickly and sprinted back to the stairs, but in a quick as a flash, the man was behind her and shoved her down the stairs. She flew passed the first top four steps then crashed onto the ground. She let out a cry of pain a few seconds after she hit the ground, laying on top of the dead husband's body. The man slowly walked down the stairs to the woman, smiling demonically, enjoying every second of the murder. His carved in smile stretched across his pale face and his eyes never closed from the woman. The man stood above the woman, knife down at his side and ready to stab her in the back of the head. She reached her hand up and gripped the mans hoody, but her hand seemed to go into a crease where the hoody had caved into the mans body.
"Com'on sweetie, we didn't travel all this way to let one pathetic scum live, did we?" a sharp voice rang from behind. The mans eyes adjusted to the darkness and peered over at the girl, standing in front of the doorway. The girl made him begin to laugh out of pure insanity, "Why no, we didn't."
"Then hurry the f*ck up, the cops will be here soon, I know it."
The man looked down at the woman who was trembling in fear and in tears. "Please... Please don't hurt my baby!" she sobbed out in true fear. The man began laughing once more, "Once the child see's more of the world, Ill be back. We both will. Too bad you be able to see that far into life." The man grabbed the woman's shirt and lifted her up from the front, her head slightly tilted back from the lack of effort she put into lifting her head. He put the tip of the knife onto the left side of her neck, and he stared into her eyes. The sight of the dark ring around the mans never closing eyes frightened her. "I-I-I know who you are!" the woman cried out. The woman somehow, from years ago, remembers laying in her crib and seeing the horrible sight of a man standing above her with a knife beside her face. She remembered the pale man giving her a stuffed animal to console her....
"I told you I'd be back..." Jeff then pressed in the knife and slit her throat clear open, blood quickly rippling down her body flowing from her neck. He let her fall as she bled out, and he laughed uncontrollably. "GO. TO. SLEEP!"
Jeff smiled over at the woman standing in the door way and softly whispered "Too long."
"Jeff, we need to find him." the woman said, walking that way to Jeff.
"We will find him, by now he is probably in Kentucky. Watching the two last night meet each other was the unthinkable. I thought we agreed never to let them meet."
"When you die, Jeff, then come back from hell with a slit neck and a ripped open stomach after many years of waiting, you kind of cant help it."
Jeff put his knife in his pocket and looked down at the two bleeding couple, the young one still screaming, wanting to have its parents beside it. 'Didn't I ever tell that boy you can't kill me."
"You weren't the one with the slit neck, Jeff."
Jeff shrugged and grabbed the woman's arm and yanked her over to him. "We will find them and kill them."
"Kill our own children Jeff?" She looked up at him, more with a lust kind of look. "They could be stronger than us together."
"They are us put together, but no copies can make of the original." Jeff put his lips on hers and kissed her full of passion. Her pure black eyes closed and she wrapped her arms around his neck forcefully. He moved his hands to her back and kissed her neck, embracing her close.
"Jeff..." she moaned slightly. "What are you doing?"
Jeff breathed against her neck heavily, "If we make one more, without holding back any violence... We could create the one who can stop them both." Jeff began to suck on her neck.
She gripped him tightly and grit her teeth. "Jeff..." she moaned again.
"Again." Jeff smiled and kept kissing her neck. "Again, Jane."
"Jeff!" she screamed aloud.
Jeff laid her on the floor and laid on top of her.
        Two teenagers stood outside the window, watching the two. "Brother?..."
"But Brother-..."
Rj grabbed his sisters arm and ran off, wishing she would not have caught up with him.