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Jeff the Killer's Child (Part two)
Story published January 26, 2013 · updated February 23, 2013 · completed · 18 pages · 6,694 readers · 30,963 reads
The Last Lullaby
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The Last Lullaby

        "Hush little baby, don't you cry..." Rj slowly sang to the crying infant in Rj's arms. Rj rocked the baby slowly, trying to console it.
"Mommy and daddy will be by your side..." Rj bent down and kissed the little infants head. Thunder from outside rolled, scaring the infant more than before. The infant sobbed louder as the next roll of thunder got louder. "And when you grow up and turn mean..." Rj's voice began to turn into a blood thirsty growl. "I'll tell you how grandpa treated me." Rj closed his eyes tightly and tensed up. He moved one arm away from the baby, and touched his scar softly. He remembered Jess's hands, feeling the scar, wishing she had the same one. Rj flipped his black hair out of the little child's face, seeing it irritated the young child. Rj felt his eye twitch as the young child began to calm down. "I will never do to you what my father did to me... I promise." Rj put his head on his daughters and gulped, hard. "I promise I will never let anything bad happen to you while I'm around..." Rj closed his eyes tightly and felt a tear stroll off his face. He slowly took in a breath, parted his head from his daughters then looked into her dark red eyes.