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Bitten (Jayy Von Vampire, Dahvie Vanity Vampire fanfic)
Story published January 27, 2013 · 2 pages · 160 readers · 630 reads
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Ariana's POV.

        I sat in my bedroom staring at the calender. Today was my hero's deathdate. It was exactly 4 years ago that Jayy Von Monroe supposedly disappeared after a concert. After another week Dahvie Vanity was gone aswell. There really was no investigation to it. Most people suspected that they were kidnapped by crazed fans or possibly lost. Some thought they couldnt handle the hate towards themselves that they ended there own lives. I knew they wouldnt do that. I got up from my bed and looked into the mirror. I sighed a long lonesome sigh. "Ariana! Casey is here to see you. Please come downstairs!" I heard my mother yell. I took a deep breath. Casey was my bestest friend in the whole wide world. She knows all of my secrets, all of my stories and I know all of hers. I opened the door to my room and walked down the stairway. I felt my bare feet brush against the carpeting of my family room. Casey was sitting promptly on the couch adjusted at an angle I couldnt quite put into words. "Ari!" She squealed as she jumped up from the couch and pulled me into a bear hug. "Heyo" I said and put on a smile. "I think we need to talk Ari... I've been meaning to for the past weeks and-" "I know.. I know.. You had Bradly." I said interrupting her. Bradly was Caseys new boyfriend that she met over a  month ago. Ever since they started dating it felt like I didnt know her anymore. They always hung out leaving me behind feeling like a third wheel. Bradly wasnt much of an underdog unlike myself and Casey. He was sporty and fit. Just didnt fit into my ego. Quite often Casey would go on trips with Bradly. Like camping, or to go to an arcade. Bradlys father owned a sportsmen club which caused Bradlys popularity to grow greatly. "Well Im sorry boo.. But you know I gotta keep up with my relationship...And besides I'm dragging you along to the beach today so we can talk." I nodded. It was summer. Always feeling the warmth of the June breezes and the beautiful rays of sunlight through the windows. Not to mention the breakage from that hell hole called 'School'. "Be safe please?" My mother reminded me. "Yes mom I know, We'll be fine." I murmured. I slipped into my black combat boots and tucked my jeans in. Casey opened the front door and walked down the porch steps. I followed behind her and turned back at my house taking in the fresh air. Little did I know. It would be the last time I saw my house ever again.