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WWE One Shots*
Story published January 27, 2013 · updated February 9, 2013 · 2 pages · 1,396 readers · 3,219 reads
Jey Uso
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Jey Uso

                                                                          This One Shot is for   

I was backstage at smackdown and the next match was a mixed tag team match with AJ, Dolph Ziggler, and Big E Langston vs. The Usos. The Usos needed a diva on there team. Your walking backstage with my ring attire on  
When I hear a voice from behind. 

Hey Jasmine wait up. It was Jey Uso calls from behind me.
What's up? I ask.
We need a diva for our mixed tag match and we were wondering if you wanted to join us.
I would love to. I say 
Thank you so much Jasmine. Jey says.

To be honest I really liked Jey Uso. Even though him and his brother look alike they both have different personalities, I kind of like Jey's personality better.

My music hits and the crowd goes wild as the see me and the Usos walk in to the ring.

                                                                                                                                The End of The Match**
I pin AJ for the win.
OMG Jasmine you did amazing. Both Jimmy and Jey say.
Thanks, you guys did amazing to. I tell them.
Hey um Jasmine can I talk to you about something. Jey asks me
Yeah sure what is it Jey.
Well I was wondering if you would like to go out for dinner with me tonight. He asks.
Sure that would be great. I say.

Our date went great. When he brought me back to my hotel room we kissed passionately at the door. Now we have to been together for 3 months and it has been the best 3 months ever.