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Ask Eyeless Jack
Story published January 28, 2013 · updated June 9, 2013 · 5 pages · 399 readers · 1,602 reads
Round 3
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Round 3

Q: Jack.... have you been at my widow recently? .... *hears knocks at night*

A: Maybe, maybe not.

out of the creepypastas which ones are you friends with?
*curls up in a ball* and can i keep my kidneys please? i like them where they are...

A: There's two that tie with the top:
Nona & Jeff 
and can I at least have one?

Q: Hi hey jack 2 questions 1 where you in my house last night and 2 tell hoody I love him

A: I don't stalk everybody! Sure, I'll tell him, if you give me food c:

hey Jack, will you pleace do me a favor and teach my anatomy teacher how to dissect a body without cutting himself? You are my personal favorite. *blush* And I swear I saw you out my window last night. X.X 

A: I would, but I'd probably end up eating your teacher. Thanks, I know I'm amazing lol. I might've been, maybe not.

Q: Hi... I like you... *blushes*

A: I feel awkward now, but thanks.

Q:  I wouldn't mind if you ate my teacher. Less homework. And i swear it was you!

A:  Okay then, more food for me. And I swear, I don't stalk everyone I see.

Q: Okay I'll give u food but I swear u were in my house

A: Yay food, and Maybe I was, maybe not, you'll never know

Q: hi jack kindenys are your favirot arn't they.anyway is that all you eat out of the whole body?

A: One Word: Spelllcheck and no, I eat the liver, sometimes the heart and others organs.

Q: I'm pretty sure you are not a stalker sort of guy. I understand that. X.X but I still saw you....

A: I can't be in two places at once, can I?

Q:Stitches: do you like stitches
Me: really stitches really well here's my question what is your favorite body part

A: I know a girl with stitches, so yeah.
That's a tough question, so i don't really know.

Q: do you want my kidneys?

A: Are you giving them to me?

Q: Do you think you're SEXAY?
And is Masky single? >.> I asked Jeff, he hasn't answered back yet....


A: Of course I am ._.

Q: do you want my organs jack?

A: Again, are you giving them to me or are you just asking? o.o

Q: Hey hey jack can we be friends? You can have my left kidney!!! Also tell ben I love him  also yes I am giving my kidney to you

A: Sure, for that kidney.  I'll tell him.

Q: Hello Jack....What is your opinion on the band Mindless Self Indulgence?

Also, fun fact; Jack the Ripper stole and ate half of his fourth victim's left kidney, mailing the remaining half to George Lusk, along with the "From Hell" letter. Cool, right?

A: Hello, my opinion on them? I think they are good, speaking which they've been around for a long time.
Your fun fact is very cool.

Q: Hey jack, you can have my sisters organs. SHES PISSING ME OFF!!
Or you can have her kidneys. Eat what you want

A: Meh, maybe later.