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Story published January 28, 2013 · updated September 5, 2013 · 26 pages · 3,407 readers · 10,246 reads
Chapter 1: Encount
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Chapter 1: Encounter

Chapter 1: Encounter
Blow drying my hair I hear the horn from the BMW outside.
"Hurry up!! We're gonna be late to the party!" I hear my dad yell from outside.  I turned the blow drier on full blast and on the hottest temperature, I needed to be outside and ready before we were late, its been the 5th time we've been late to one of the parties and its embarrassing!!  After my hair was dried I grabbed the straightener that i preheated and straightened my hair.  I ran downstairs as fast as i could in heels, went through the garage door, and went inside the car.
"Finally your done, I bet everyone's already there." my dad said to me.
"It's ok my families used to us always being late." my mom said to my dad.  Struggling to get my seat belt on, I yelled at my younger brother to move so I could put it on.
~Arrived at the buffet after finding parking and walking to the buffet~

                As always my cousins never talked to me and the had there own little group while I sat with my parents all silent, I grabbed a couple plates of food til i was craving dessert. My stomach growled, I got off my seat to get dessert, nothing special. just some ice cream and some cream puffs.  I stuffed my plate with mostly cream puffs, they looked delicious, just looking at them made me more hungry.  Putting the last of the cream puffs on my plate I heard whistling, not the weird type of whistling just normal whistling, like someone was walking in the dessert row.  I turned and saw blue eyes and black hair, an almost perfect mouth, and a very musculant body, a name tag on his navy blue shirt that said "Leo".  Our eyes met, we kept staring deep in each others eyes as he slowly walked away sitting back at his table.  I kept cool, only to find my face red as hell, I walked quickly towards my table with the plate of cream puffs in one hand and a cone of ice cream in the other, it was vanilla flavor.  I looked like a total fatty, what was I thinking??  I grabbed my phone to ask one of my friends for advice, scrolling through my contacts I noticed it was only family members, CRAP!!
~End of Chapter 1~
Author's Comments/Thoughts
I know what your thing, great suspense!!  Hahahahaha I love it, this turned out to be a great story, I LOVE making it, I'm gonna continue it, look forward to chapter 2 and stay cool.        
What did you guys think of this chapter?  Leave comments on what you thought of the story so far and if you liked it or not, also please follow me and favorite this story , thanks for reading  buh bai.