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Starcrossed (Haley Rose Love Story)
Story published January 29, 2013 · updated June 9, 2013 · completed · 71 pages · 1,779 readers · 24,063 reads
Help From Jeffree
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Help From Jeffree Star

Avery’s POV

After mine and Haley’s first time, I felt that we were closer than ever. She seemed to enjoy herself, so I was happy. For awhile, I thought that Haley wouldn’t like being with me after that. It turned out that there wasn’t much to worry about, which was good. I really did love her, but I wasn’t good at showing my emotions. After my most recent break up, I hadn’t wanted to ever fall in love again, especially with a girl like Haley. Still, she meant a lot to me and there was no way I was giving her up. 

“Jayy, someone’s at the door!” I yelled when I heard the doorbell ring. Haley and I were both laying on the couch and I was too comfortable to move. I heard Jayy’s heavy footsteps.

“Yeah, don’t bother to get off your ass to answer it. I’ll do it,” he complained. I only smiled and pecked Haley’s lips. I heard the door open and another voice. Haley seemed to recognize the voice because she got up and pulled me up with her. She dragged me with her until we were standing where Jayy was at. In front of us was Jeffree Star. I knew who he was thanks to Haley, Jayy, and Dahvie, but I had never met him. 

“Jayy, baby. Where’s your man?” Jeffree said. Jayy laughed. 

“He’s out right now. What brings you here?” he asked. Jeffree grinned. 

“Haley, darling! Who is this on your arm?” he said. Haley smiled and kissed my cheek. 

“Hey, Jeffree. This is my girlfriend, Avery. She lives with Dahvie and Jayy. I’m surprised you haven’t met her yet,” she said. Jeffree looked me over and then smiled at me. 

“I haven’t seen Dahvie and Jayy in what feels like forever,” he told her. Jayy grinned. 

“Well you’re visiting us now,” he said. We all made our way into the living room and just hung out for a little bit. At first, I didn’t feel like Jeffree cared much for me. He kept looking at me funny and it made me feel a little left out. Jayy, Haley, and Jeffree were really close and I was still the new girl. They had a lot of memories together, especially Jeffree and Jayy. I saw something in Jeffree’s eyes when he looked at Jayy that I assumed was longing. Did Jeffree like Jayy once upon a time? By the time Dahvie came home, Jeffree had warmed up to me a little, which was good. Dahvie hung out with us a little, but soon him and Jayy went to their room. Jeffree rolled his eyes. 

“They’re such terrible hosts,” he told us. Haley laughed. “So I’m in desperate need of a shopping trip. Would you ladies mind joining me?” 

“I’m up for it. What about you, Avery?” Haley asked. I shrugged. 

“Sure. I don’t mind,” I said. We both got ready and headed out. Jeffree was interesting and it wasn’t just his looks. He had his own personality, which I liked about him. After he dragged us to practically every store at the mall, we went out to eat. Half way through the meal, Haley excused herself and left the two of us alone. It was quite for a little bit until he started the conversation. 

“So you and Haley... I never pinned her as a lesbian,” he told me. I smiled. 

“I guess there was something about me she liked,” I replied. He nodded.

“She’s very sweet and I would hate it if something happened to her,” he said. I grinned. 

“Is that a threat, Mr. Star?” I asked. He smiled back at me. 

“That’s up to you, Ms. Valentine,” he told me. I smiled. 

“So... Did you ever like Jayy?” I asked. He choked on his drink. 

“Where did that come from?” I shrugged. 

“I saw the way you were looking at him. It just seemed like you liked him at some point,” I replied. He sighed. 

“Jayy and I were together during Warped Tour awhile ago. We broke up because he didn’t want to get his heart broken. I assume you know the Daniel story?” he said. I shook my head.

“No. Every time I ask either him or Dahvie, they tell me not to worry about it. So I don’t know who Daniel is really,” I replied. He smiled a little. 

“Daniel was Jayy’s fiance... He cheated on Jayy and it broke his heart. After that, Jayy grew bitter towards the thought of love and I didn’t want a relationship like that, so I ended it. I don’t know how he is with Dahvie since we don’t talk about it, but I assume Jayy’s still sheltered,” Jeffree explained. I bit my lip and then stood up. If Jeffree and Jayy’s relationship ended due to the fact that Jayy was sheltering himself from Jeffree, then what would happen to Haley and me? 

“I have to go find Haley,” I said. Jeffree nodded in understanding and waved me away. I walked outside of the restaurant and saw Haley slipping her phone into her purse. When she saw me standing there, so smiled. 

“Well hello, Avery,” she said. I pulled her into a kiss and ignored the looks I was getting. We pulled back and her eyes widened. “A-”

“I love you and I don’t want to hide my feelings from you anymore,” I told her. She smiled softly. She had told me that she loved me multiple times and I only smiled and kissed her. I never told her that I loved her back even though I did. 

“Oh, Avery. I love you too,” she replied and kissed me. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I meant every word I said to her. She meant everything to me and I wanted everyone to know that I was in love with the beautiful and talented Haley Rose. 

"The deal is simple. If I ever get the courage to ask out Dahvie, then you'll ask out Haley. If we both get rejected, then we'll just have to settle for each other." ~ Jayy Von Monroe

(Favorite and comment please? I will love you forever. ~V)