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The Mental Asylum
Story published January 29, 2013 · updated May 18, 2013 · 70 pages · 387 readers · 5,615 reads
Thirty Seven
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Thirty Seven

"How many of these have we made?" Felix asked. I counted all the globes and we've made 15 of them. On all of mine, the colors of paper consisted of purple, light pink, orange, black, white, and even multiple colors on some flowers. Felix's flowers consisted mainly of blue, green, and white, and rarely other colors.

"Fifteen." I lie back in my chair. "Do you wanna do something else?" I ask Felix while looking at him. He nods and we go downstairs to the living room. We sit on the couch and just watch TV.

Mom walks in the living room.

"What are you still doing on that couch? Go get ready! We're going to Olive Garden for dinner." Felix and I get up and run up the stairs to our bedrooms.

I change into a lacy yellow tank top and random pair of blue jeans. I pulled out a random blazer from the clothes I leave here in my closet. I take my hair out of it's braid and just put it up in a ponytail. I leave my jewelry on, but add my heart locket necklace and a pair of gold feather earrings. I slip on a pair of yellow Vans and run back down the stairs(

My mom is at the end of the stairs when I come down.

"Really? A ponytail?" My mom asks and I nod. We walk to the car. I slide in the back with Felix and Mom and Dad in the front. Dad pulls the car out to the street and we drive down the road.

~After Dinner~

"I'm so full!" Felix says as we pull in the driveway. Mom tells Felix to go to bed as we're walking in, me carrying the leftovers. I set the leftovers in the fridge and run upstairs to my room.

I turn on my iPod and set it on the dock I brought and plugged it in on my dresser. I decide I should get ready for bed. I take out a blue shirt, zip up hoodie, and pair of stretchy pants. After that, I put my hair in a bun(

Eventually, I'm bored sitting on my bed. I grab my phone and shut off my iPod and run downstairs. Felix is on the couch, awake and playing on Mom's laptop. Felix looks at me from the computer.

"Hey, I'm gonna go for a walk. Don't wake up Mom and Dad, 'kay?" Felix nodded and returned to his game. I slid on a pair yellow striped Vans and walked out the front door and down the street.

I'm walking down the street and out of my neighborhood. I'm looking on my phone for Starbucks places near my house that are open at 10 at night. There's one up the street a bit and to the right and down that street.

I'm walking casually, until I feel a gigantic hand go over my mouth and around my waist and I'm being pulled into an alleyway.

I'm screaming into the hand until the hand let's go of my face and slaps me, probably leaving a gigantic handprint on my face. The culprit is wearing a black mask over his head and all black clothes. The man has his ballmit for a hand around my throat and the other trying to get his belt off. I'm kicking and trying to scream, but it keeps coming out in coughs, sputters and whimpers.

The man stops tugging at his belt for a moment and tells me to shut up. I keep trying to scream for help and everything is becoming blurry. I know I'm not crying, but I'd imagine it's the man's grip on my small neck.

The world is getting even blurrier and I can hear just fine. I'm making out the man has his belt undone and he's trying to get at my pants. I swat his hand away from my pants.

"Leave her alone!" I hear someone else shout and the shouter stabs the man from what I can make out.

A/N Heey guys, sorry this chapter took so long. I've had writer's block for the longest time. Like, seriously. This chapter was going no where for the past two days.

He says God will never forgive us. Could we care any less?

~Thanks for reading. Hearts and comments are very well appreciated, and be honest when giving opinions. Criticism can help with the story line. I will answer all comments and questions too, and if I don't get to you quickly, just know I will. Thanks! Love you!~