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I Knew You Were Treble (Greg Gorenc Love Story)
Story published January 29, 2013 · updated October 17, 2013 · 49 pages · 12,326 readers · 80,907 reads
Barden Bad Boy
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Barden Bad Boy

Sidney's P.O.V

The taxi pulled up to the curb showing me my new home for the next few years.  Many people were getting out of cabs, getting their suitcases and heading to their dorms.  This is a new year for me, a new start.  Being a eighteen year old from New York coming to a new place and experiencing new things is pretty exciting.  The taxi driver starts to pull out my suitcases and takes out my guitar case.  "Oh!  No it's okay I'll take that." I say taking my guitar from him.  Yes I play guitar so cliche but it's not like I could bring my piano with me.  I came to Barden University to study in journalism.  While walking through the quad I notice a bunch of boys singing together.  I've never seen any boy sing and be proud of it.  One of them looks at me and smiles.  He has brown hair but the front of it is blonde.  He has beautiful grey eyes and cute boyish smile.  I grin and give a half wave.  When I walk closer trying to get to my dorm he comes over and starts singing.  

There are no words,
To paint a picture of you, girl.
Your eyes and those curves,
It's like you're from some other world.
You walk my way,
Oh, God, it's so frustrating.
So why do I disappear
When you come near?
It makes me feel so small.
Why do I blow my lines
Most every time
Like I've got no chance at all?

If I could be your superman,
I'd fly you to the stars,
And back again.
'Cause every time you touch my hand,
And you feel my powers, running through your veins.
But I can only write this song,
And tell you, That I'm not that strong.
'Cause I'm no superman,
I hope you like me as I am.

He smiles at me and I laugh.  "Cute." I reply while walking away.

Greg's P.O.V

"Cute." She says, walking away.  "Damn she's fine." Bumper smirks.  I laugh and smile.  "Better hope she isn't a Bella Greg or else your chances are gone." Donald bumps my shoulder.  "Or before Bumper get's to her." he adds.  The rest of the Treble's continue singing while I take off after that girl.  I find her walking to the Beta dorms and walk beside her.  "Hello again." I smile.  She turns to me smirking. "Hey there."  She adjusts a bag on her back and I notice it's a guitar.  "So you're into music?" I ask.  She nods her head.  "Yeah, I was the best musician back in New York."  I stop and she turns to me, I extend my hand.  "I'm Greg, Greg Gorenc."  She shakes it back.  "I'm Sidney, Sidney May."  Wow that's cute.  "Sidney May?  Cute name for a cute face."  She blushes and continues walking, I laugh and catch up to her.  "So you're into music?" Sidney asks.  "Yeah, I'm part of the acapella group here on campus.  We're the Treblemakers."  She laughs.  "Treblemakers?  Catchy.  Are there any girl acapella groups here?" Sidney asks.  "Well there are the Bella's but, they don't really like us Trebles." I shrug.  "Well then I guess I'm not joining the Bella's." Sidney shrugs.  "Wait why?" I ask.  "Because that means I can't be with you." She winks.

My face turns red and she laughs, she's playing me like a guitar.  "Aww don't blush babe." She laughs again.  Wow, she's good.  While I walk her into her dorm she tells me about New York and I tell her about my life.  She's a funny girl.  When she unlocks a girl some blonde barbie is fixing her makeup.  She turns around and glares at me and smiles at Sidney.  "Hi I'm Jessica!  It's nice to meet you." She smiles, hugging Sidney.  Behind Jessica's back she makes gagging motions and I have to hold in a laugh.  "Well, I'm going to be heading out with Greg, we'll catch up later okay?" She smiles.  Jessica nods and we run out of the room laughing.  

"What the hell?" Sidney laughs.  "Wow, that was just wow." I agree.  We're back out on the quad looking at all the things to join.  Sidney takes interest in joining the swim team and I frown, all the fit guys join just to show off to the girls.  Cody, the swim team captain comes over and smiles at Sidney, in his speedo.  "You interested in joining babe?" He smiles.  Sidney's about to answer when I grab her waist and pull her aside.  No way was that going to happen.  "Hey Greg!  I actually wanted to join the team!" Sidney complains.  "Well Cody's a creep and I didn't want him hitting on you." I huff.  She rests her head on my shoulder and smiles, batting her eyes at me.  "Aww is little Greggy jealous." She says in a baby voice.  "Maybe." I smirk.  "Good."  Sidney kisses my cheek and walks off.  That girl...

Sidney's P.O.V

Yes I have been hitting on Greg like all day, but can you blame me?  Like he's really hot.  While he's recovering from the shock I gave him by kissing his cheek some ginger hands me a flier.  "Hi!  I'm Chloe and this is Aubrey.  Would you like to join the Bella's?" She smiles.  "Oh acapella, that's a thing here right?" I ask.  "Oh totally.  We do covers of tons of songs and we don't use any instruments, we use our mouths." Chloe says pointing to her mouth.  "Wow.  What kind of songs do you do?" I ask.  "We only do covers of songs made famous by woman." Aubrey answers.  She hands me a list of songs.  "Any from this decade?" I ask.  "No."  I hand her back the flier.  "Sorry."  Greg comes up and notices I'm with the Bella's.  He kisses my cheek and I giggle.  "Ladies." He smirks.  "Greg." They reply in unison.  "Come on baby let's go."  He drags me away from them and we laugh.  "God you are awful." I say poking his chest.  "Aw babe that hurts." He pouts.  "Well I can do something about it." I say in a seductive voice leaning up to his ear.  "And what would that be?" He asks.  I poke the other side of his chest.  "Now you're even."

Aubrey's P.O.V

We are never going to get any girls for the Bella's.  Not even bologna Barb wanted to join.  "Maybe she can sing?" Chloe suggests.  "No way.  She's with a treble." I reply.  None of the Bella's will have an relationship with the Treblemakers what so ever.  If she wants to be a Bella then she can't be with a Treble.  Simple as that.  They will not penetrate us that easily.