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Writers Hate To Hear
Story published January 30, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 39 pages · 1,177 readers · 24,391 reads
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Read the title fan girls? I'm about to make you cry, so go grab some tissues and a carton of Ben & Jerry's, and feel free to hate me.

One Direction:

Let's start this off saying that I like One Direction, and would marry Niall in a heart beat. I am a 'directioner' (another reason for you guys to hate me.) But you don't see me writing these stories. I could go on an on, and will probably definitely write a whole page on just this topic alone, so I'm just gonna make a quick list.

  • The titles are always the names of their songs. I'm sick of seeing the titles being 'What Makes You Beautiful', 'Live While We're Young', and 'Stole My Heart'. It gets a little annoying, and shows that you are lacking in the creativity department. (Not saying you are, it's just what it looks like.)
  • The girl and 1D meet in a shop, or on the street, and they invite her on tour with them. First off, if they can't take their girlfriends or family on tour, why in the world can they take her? It's so stupid that I actually laugh, and then never reach your story ever again.
  • There's always some catastrophe. I know that all the classics are depressing, but that doesn't mean we have to be as well.
  • They're all pretty much the same, read a couple and you'd think they were the same story with different names.
  • Larry/Niam Fanfiction. These are just the 2 I see most, but this includes any other story where boys from the band are gay. I love gay people, and any other directioner knows these are the gayest straight guys on the planet, but they are not actually gay. They have girlfriends / had girlfriends. It's so stupid, mean, and deserves it's own page.
That's not even all of it, but I'm gonna end the 1D part of this now.

Justin Bieber/Jason McCann:

Justin Bieber fanfics aren't as bad as 1D, but they're not perfect either. You are generally more creative with titles, characters, and ideas. I've read some very clever ones and enjoyed them, even though I'm not big on Bieber.

No, creativity and writing quality is not what pisses me off about Beliebers stories.

What pisses me off is Jason McCann.

ANYONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHO JASON MCCAN IS I WILL EXPLAIN. He is a character from 2 episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He is a bomber who tries to kill multiple agents, and in his first appearance his brother was killed. In the second, Jason was killed.


Write Justin Bieber Fanfiction if you must, but come on, what were you thinking?

Hunger Games: (Spoilers)

I don't even get this. In the Hunger Games everyone dies except Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. It's not cool. In each story, my favorite characters had to die. (Rue, Cinna, and Prim.)

Because everyone dies, you can't really write a story about them after the games. An adding onto that, you can't really change their personalities completely. Cato is a jerk, not a sensitive sweetie. Peeta is pure and kind, not a total asshole.

Thank you to whoever decided to write the story of a different Hunger Games. I like that idea, write about Hunger Games 62 or 13. It's so much nicer to read a whole new story based off of the actual one, than to read a story that just makes everyone irrelevant.


It's bad enough that I liked the books and movies in secret, and then you people have to go and ruin that. You just make them do ridiculous things that make me even question the actual books.

Plus, if Bella is smiling, you might want to just delete your story now. In case you haven't noticed, she doesn't really smile.

Harry Potter:

I've read some good ones, but a lot of these are kind of stupid. Harry does not have a secret sister, The Weasley's don't either. Modern things didn't happen during the Marauder's Time. They're the same as the HP life quizzes. I can't even describe my anger at those. I am just pissed off by HP fan fiction.


You people are safe, I wouldn't understand any of it so I don't read it. I don't listen to BVB, or watch Anime shows/movies. You're safe......for now.

I could go on and on, but I have places to be and people to see.