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Beloved Pervert (A Kakashi Love Story)
Story published January 31, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 78 pages · 6,739 readers · 44,033 reads
Chap 1: The Start
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Chap 1: The Start of the Confusion

"Kashi! Up!" The little six year old girl on the screen demanded, reaching her arms up. A tall boy about 14 years old laughed and lifted the girl high into the air before placing him on his back.
"You're getting too big to carry Tilly!" the boy announced
The little girl was horrified and started screaming "No! I'll never be too big! My Kakashi!" 
"Okay, okay, calm down." Kakashi chuckled as the little girl beat him on the head with her tiny fists.
"Kashi... why are you watching this?" the girl from the video asked.
Kakashi looked over at her and picked her up, squishing him to his chest.
"Ahhhh! Kashi! Too close!" Kakashi laughed
"Sorry Tilly." He put her on the sofa in front of the TV, standing up so that she was waist height. "I love you Tilly." Kakashi grinned at her behind the mask.
"Wuv you to Kashi!" the girl frowned and jumped up, reaching for the mask. "Off!" the girl demanded.
"Only for you Tilly." Kakashi replied as he began pulling his mask down.

------- 10 years later -------

I'd ran all the way from training and now sat out the front of Kakashi's apartment. I controlled my breathing and plastered a smile on my face. In all honesty I was excited to see Kakashi but I was always worried that if I ever showed my true self to him he would abandon me. Just like my Mother and Father had. I didn't tell Kakashi that I slept on the streets in the cold, I didn't show him how angry I would often get with his fan-girls or anything, I didn't tell him that I worked two jobs just to buy food, water, clothing and pay for my academy fees. I especially didn't tell him that I was actually attending the academy to become a ninja. 

I stayed sitting and thought over the past couple of weeks. Apparently kids used to get out of the academy at around age 13 but after a few 'unfortunate mishaps' (deaths) soon after the third ninja war; they had changed the rules and now you had to go through many difficult tests that this weird old guy made you take to test your skills and see if you could pass to the next level. I acted as if I knew nothing in class but in front of this guy I showed him all I had and he always seemed impressed, so as a result I always passed my tests; much to my teacher's dismay and my peers anger (if you failed your tests you were kicked out of the academy). Last week had been the big test and after almost dying I was being allowed to leave the academy and start training in the usual 3 man team with a sensei. I sighed, yet another person that I would have to pretend I was as dumb as could be, yet smart enough to actually protect people. More haters; yay for me! I couldn't help wondering who my sensei would be. Kakashi was a sensei but he was really good at his job so I knew that they wouldn't actually put me in a group with him as a sensei; I was too hopeless to be trained by the legendary Cop Cat Ninja.

"You do know that one day someone will probably kidnap you while you're zoned out like that." a lazy voice spoke
I looked in front of my and found Kakashi squatted down in front of me holding a grocery bag. 
"Kashi!" I squealed and threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around him.
Kakashi laughed as he stood up with me still around his neck. He unlocked his door and carried me in (I had wrapped my legs around his waist). 
"What's for dinner?" I asked as Kakashi placed me on the bench.
He rustled through his grocery bag until he found two cups of 'instant-heat ramen'. 
I laughed "Yum!" 
He smiled at me. I had gotten so used to him wearing that mask, that I could tell what face he was pulling easily by the movement of the fabric of the mask. Admittedly he did look amazingly sexy when he didn't have his mask on. However he would only show me his real face when I begged; puppy dog-eyed style.

It was just a normal night. We ate tea, he watched my favorite cartoon show with me. Well we both sat on the sofa. Kakshi sat on the sofa and I sat on Kakashi's lap while he read his book. He played with my hair as I watched the show and I couldn't help but think: if he knew that I stole his Icha Icha Paradise books and read them once he was done with them. He would probably slaughter me and put me in a nun place. I giggled at this thought.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing." I answered and turned around and grinned at him.
"Staying the night?" he asked casually but I knew that he really wanted me to and it mattered to him a lot.
However the last time I had stayed over at his place he had playfully complained that I was getting too big and eating all of his food. After that I had felt like I was imposing too much and never stayed the night again. I'd rather sleep out on the streets in the snow than bother Kakashi. Which is exactly what I did.

My show finished and I felt my happiness fly away as I knew that I would have to leave. I got up cheerfully, bouncing like usual. I always had so much energy but only ever showed this side to Kakashi.
"Bye, Bye Kashi." I grinned down at him.
"Sure you won't stay?" He asked glumly
"Mum will get worried about me." I reasoned (of course this wasn't the case).
"Hmmm okay." he went back to reading his book so I headed to the door. I opened the door and was about to go out when suddenly the door was slammed closed. I could feel Kakashi's body close to mine and I tried to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. 
"Tilliqa...." Kakashi growled, this was the side he only ever showed me. When he said my name like that, yeah; that was when trouble was coming my way.
I felt his warm lips run along my neck.
"Yeah?...." I mumbled, my eyes closed.
"Where's my goodnight kiss?" 
"Uhh.... I f-forgot?" I stuttered
"Mmmm you've been forgetting a lot lately." Kakashi stated meaningfully.
Yeah, that was because every time I did give it to him; lately I felt like going further and what with me being 16 and him being 24... yeah, it really wasn't going to go down well. Besides he would probably reject me. The silence continued on and on, the only thing I could hear was Kakashi's kisses on my neck. 

Suddenly I heard a sucking noise. It took me a while to understand where it was coming from but when I did I quickly whipped around, my back slamming against the door. My hand flung up to my neck where Kakashi had just given me a love bite. I narrowed my eyes at him and damn! did he look hot without his mask or what?! He gave me a dark smirk in response. Both of his hands were on the door on either side of my head, stopping me from escaping. He was looking down into my eyes. Oh yeah, being as short as I was and only barely coming up to Kakashi's shoulder made everything soooo much more intimidating. 
"You know the rules Tilliqa; you're not to leave until you've given me my goodnight kiss." Kakashi reminded me
I groaned inwardly as Kakashi began leaning closer and closer. 
"What was the bite for then?" I whispered, my heart rate was picking up and I felt breathless.
"Silly girl; for punishment." he grinned, a mischievous glint in his eye.
His warm, soft lips finally reached mine and I reached my arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes. It was the usual kiss to begin with, calm, normal, it was supposed to be one of those quick pecks but before I could even stop myself I began moving my lips against his. I was ecstatic when he responded but for some reason my mind was on a one-track thought and before I knew it I had bit his lip and when he hissed in pain I slipped my tongue into his mouth. I tasted the tang of his blood from my bite, I had bitten him pretty hard and I was about to finally gain some self-control and pull away when he took over. He pushed me up against the door, his arms wrapped around my waist and somehow his tongue had gained entry into my mouth. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair, grabbing it tightly and then letting it run though my fingers before going back and grabbing a fist-full roughly again. He licked my bottom lip and continued to deepen the kiss. I don't know how long that kiss lasted for and I was ashamed when it ended not because I pulled away but because Kakashi did.

He released me but was still close, he looked at me questioningly. I wasn't in control of my feelings! That meant that my hair was no doubt going to start changing colour. I looked down at my fingernails and found that they were a brilliant gold. That colour had never appeared before.... Oh god, if my hair changed that colour I was doomed. I could feel the blood in my face. Kakashi placed a finger under my chin and lifted it up.
"You're blushing..." 
I didn't answer, all I could think was: I need to get out of here! I wouldn't be able to bear it if he abandoned me like my parents just for being a bit different to everyone else.
"Tilliqa.... what was that?" I looked Kakashi in the eye
He definitely didn't feel the same way as I did about him. I was having a hard time denying that I didn't like him in an 'I want you in my bed' kind of way. After all he read those perverted books, he was probably just letting a bit of his perverted side out.

"Dunno." I answered before turning the door knob, swinging the door open and rushing out into the hallway. Within seconds I had ran down the staircase and now stood in the street. It was snowing again, damn; another cold night. I walked past a window and looked at myself. My hair was now a brilliant gold, I scowled at it in disgust. I hated myself and as that feeling of self-loathing coursed through my body my hair slowly turned to a disgusting burnt orange colour. I averted my eyes from the window and pulled my hoody over my head, covering my hair and face in the shadow of the hood. I walked down the street and found a doorstep that didn't have much snow on it. I wiped the snow away and sat down, curling in on myself and getting ready for the cold night ahead. 
Tomorrow I would be getting assigned to a team and a sensei.
What was I going to do about Kakashi?! How was I going to explain tonight? I sighed; I'd have to start feeding him more lies.

Hey guys! I really hoped you liked it. I'm a REALLY big Kakashi fan. I hope you guys like it! There's gonna be a lot more 'closeness' to come ;) hehe