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Nothing Like Us ( A Justin Bieber Fan Fic)
Story published January 31, 2013 · updated May 28, 2013 · 33 pages · 486 readers · 1,988 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

One day before my 17th birthday... I really should be planning my party but of coarse im on the internet obsessing over Justin Bieber. I would have a Justin Bieber party but my mom said I couldn't because my last three party's were Justin Bieber themed and im almost 17 i should be over him all ready. Phsss like thats ever going to happen.
 I was scrolling through YouTube when I found one my favorite videos of all time. Adorable 13 year old Justin singing With You. I clicked it to see cute little Justin. I smiled he was so cute. Then he stared singing I felt a tear go down my face. I always get emotional during this video. Hes come so far its just unbelievable. By the end of the video i had tears streaming down my face. I wiped them away then clicked on another video i have never seen before.  It was an Ellen episode and there was this girl who claims shes the biggest Justin Bieber fan. Yeah right i dont think anyone could top me. She was showing all of her Justin Bieber attire and posters and everything else. Please, i have way more. My posters are like wallpaper and i have shelf's full of his stuff. Then Justin came into her house and surprised her.
Thats when i burst into tears. "That should be me!" I screamed at my laptop. She wasnt even crying! That shows how much of a fan she is. I knew i would have been bawling my eyes out kinda like i am now. But those would be tears of happiness not like my tears of sadness right now.
I layed in my bed and cried my eyes out. Im never going to meet him. Why cant that be me? She doesnt deserve him I do!!! I finally got up and wiped away my tears again. I went up to one of my Justin Bieber lifesize cardboard cutouts and said  " I will meet you one day." I sobbed than kissed his lips. Oh how i wish that was the real Justin. 
Suddenly my mom yelled from downstairs"Kaylee!" 
"Coming!" I yelled back."
I ran downstairs and walked to the kitchen where my mom was sitting at the table. I pulled up a chair and sat across from her.
"Yeah mom?"
"Have you decided what you wanted to do for your birthday party yet? And remember we cant spend as much as we did last year make it cheap."
"Ok well i was thinking we could just have a simple party here and invite a couple of my friends for a slumber party."
My mom took a sip of her coffee then said " Sure thats fine what theme do you want and dont say Justin Bieber."
"But mom!" I protested.
"Kaylee your almost 17 do you really want  that again?"
"Yes mom this is one of the last times i will have an actual birthday party so please!?!"
She looked at me took another sip of her coffee then said "Fine."
"I jumped out of my chair and hugged her. "Thank you mom your the best!"

She nodded then looked at me. "Have you been crying?"
"What? No...why would i be crying?"
"Watching Justin Bieber videos again?" She asked.
I smiled and nodded. She shook her head then stood up and put her coffee cup in the sink.
"Well i have to go to work i will be back at four and your dad should be back around six. Will you be alright?"
"Yeah mom im not ten." I laughed.
"I know, your growing up so fast." She said while kissing me on the forehead. I hugged her back.
"Bye hunny i love you." She said as she walked out the door.
" Love you too!" I shouted as the door shut.
Well im home alone. What to do now... I looked at the stairs and smiled. I ran up to my room and turned my dvd player on and put in Never Say Never. For the next two hours I sat and watched as i daydreamed of what i would do if Justin just walked in right now. then i slowly drifted off to sleep.