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The New Girl ~Duck Dynasty Love Story~
Story published February 3, 2013 · updated July 27, 2013 · 20 pages · 12,285 readers · 67,433 reads
Chapter 15.
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Chapter 15.

Mariah's POV
Me and Sadie walked back in the house to check on JL. "John Luke are you okay?" Sadie asked. He looked at both of us in disgust and ran upstairs. "whats his problem?" Sadie asked. "I dont know let me go talk to him" I told her. \

I walked on the stairs and knocked on John Lukes door, after no answer I walked in. He was sitting on his bed looking at his phone, his face was still bleeding but de didnt seem to care. "I didn't say come in so get out." He said with no expression. "Im just making sure your okay." I spoke softly. He chuckled. "you obvouly don't care" I looked at him with an 'wtf' expression. "What do you mean I don't care, I felt like it was my fought. You were basically fighting for me , when you were right." He just looked up at me. "I would never fight anything for YOU I fought him because I dont like him, and yeah I was right, you gave him what he wanted and he left. You and my ignorant sister both made the same mistake." I felt a little hurt. "Yeah I went out on the date with him, he wanted to do other stuff I said no and then he left." I said. "Really? your going to lie." He looked up with me with a cocky, arrogant smirk on his face. "How am I lying?" I was super confused. All of a sudden his little smirk went away, he stood up and got in my face. "YOU WENT OUT WITH HIM, LET HIM GET IN YOUR PANTS AND THEN HE LEFT YOU, WHEN HE WAS DONE WITH YOU! YOU AND SADIE ARE BOTH SLUTS!" He screamed at me. "No we didn't John Luke" I heard a voice behind me. Sadie was standing in the door frame with a hurt expression. "BULLSH--" I cut him off. "WE DIDN'T HAVE SEX WITH HIM JOHN LUKE!" he just shook his head. "its a shame" he said kind of quietly. He walked out of his room and started down the hall. I followed him. "LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR SAYING JOHN LUKE! YOUR LISTENING TO SOMETHING HE TOLD YOU!" He just turned back and looked at me. "Stop yelling, no one likes a screaming hoe." He said with that little smirk on his face. "You know Mariah I though so much more of you , I thought you were so pretty and so nice, an-" He stopped. By this time I couldn't hold it back tears were pouring out of my eyes, it has been an awful day. "And what" He just looked at me with cold eyes. "And what John Luke?"  I asked again. "Nothing, you know what I just can't believe the stupidity of yo- well I can believe that you were that stupid, you kind of look and act like a hoe, but I never expected my sister to do something like that." Ouch that one hurt. "How do I act like a hoe?" I asked  trying to hold back more tears. "What do you mean how do you act like a hoe? You flirted with every guy when we were playing football"  
"no I didn't, I TALKED to all of them, trying to be nice, the only guys I flirted with were Chris and y-" I stopped. "and who" he asked. "no one just Chris." I down. "Exactly, you were flirting with him, hoe." he smirked. "Oh my god really? I was just flirting!" I said. "Yeah then you fu**ed him" and he started walking off. "How could you listen to him over me and your own sister?" I asked behind him. "Because you can never trust a hoe , and I knew you were one." that was it I took way to much. I just ran to my room and slammed the door and started bawling.