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Hermione Granger: Mudblood Or Slytherin Princess
Story published February 3, 2013 · updated 6 weeks ago · 26 pages · 8,286 readers · 46,547 reads
Chapter 8
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Chapter 8

I hugged Lucius and Narcissa goodbye, then followed Draco onto the Hogwarts Express. We made their way into the Slytherin compartments and I saw Blaise. I took a running start then jumped into his arms. 
"Hello Mione," he smiled. 
"She's on your time. It is your turn to entertain her," said Draco with a smirk. I glared at him and Blaise chuckled. We entered the last compartment and Blaise helped me get my trunk onto the shelf. The boys sat around me and I put my arms around them.
"How was your last couple days of summer," I asked Blaise.
"Boring. What about you two," he winked.
"Nothing much. Just driving Draco crazy," I said.
"You can say that again," Draco snorted and I punched his arm playfully. 
"So guess what?," Blaise said.
"What?," me and Draco said in unison. 
"Malcolm let it slip to me what was happening at Hogwarts this year," he said. 

"What is it?," I said excitedly.
"If you don't know, then I can't tell you. It's exclusive information," he laughed.
"And you are exclusive," Draco said sarcastically. 
"Yes. Yes I am," Blaise chuckled. 
"Come on Blaise. You know you want to tell you," I, tickling his legs, which happened to be his weakness.
"No more hermione. I'm going to get you after this," he laughed. 
"I'm so scared," I said, doing it faster and all over his legs.
"No no no. Fine, a Tri-wizard Tournament," he exclaimed and I stopped.
"I knew I could get it out of you. So what is that," she asked and stopped tickling him.
"It's a series of Magical contests. I can't believe they are bringing it back," Draco exclaimed. 
"Back," I asked.
"Well yeah. Students have died in this tournament," he said. 
"Sounds Wicked. I'm definitely participating," I said. 
"Well it's not that easy, is it. Three students are selected at random from the Three largest wizarding schools in Britain," Blaise said. 
"I'm still putting my name in though," I said. Ever since First year, I have been trying to prove that i am worthy to be a Slytherin. This could be my chance.
"Anything dangerous and disturbing, Hermione Granger jumps at the opportunity," Blaise laughed. 
"Thank you Blaise. That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard," I grinned, hugging him. 
"Hey guys. Do you want to go bully Potter? One more time and I know he will wet his pants," I laughed cruelly.
"No Thank you. I am still trying to get over the fact that Newman punched me last year," Draco said.

"Come on Blaise. Don't make me have to get Crabbe and Goyle," I said. 
"Fine," Blaise exclaimed. We hurried to the Gryffindor compartments and saw Potter buying sweets. Lard-ass! 
"Hey Potter. Me and the gang were wondering if you were going to faint, so we could get front-row seats," I exclaimed. 
"Shove off granger," Potter shot at me.
"Ooh not very friendly. Blaise, I think we need to teach Potter to respect his superiors," I laughed. 
"I hope you don't mean yourselves," said Newman, coming out of the compartment, behind Potter. 
"How dare you insult me, you stupid blood-traitor," I exclaimed, whipping out my wand. Blaise, Potter, and Newman did it too. 
"No dueling on this train. Wands away!," exclaimed the trolly lady. 
"Watch your back," I told them, then put away my wand. We both went back to our compartment.