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Tinker Bell and The Lost Fairy *Finished*
Story published February 5, 2013 · updated February 12, 2013 · completed · 54 pages · 1,102 readers · 9,293 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

A baby’s first laugh is the purest and most innocent sound. It is from that sound that fairies are born and Celeste was no different. Her laugh carried her from a small garden outside a humble home, across the ocean and deep into Pixie Hollow to the Pixie Dust Tree. Now normally Fast Flying Fairies would have helped her make her journey but everyone was busy that night, busy celebrating one of the most magical events in Pixie Hollow, the Blue Harvest Moon. Yes it was under the light of that magical moon that Celeste landed near the pool of golden pixie dust and came into being.

            Celeste opened her eyes and looked around as the festivities were momentarily abandoned and fairies from all specialties gathered to watch her. A chorus of friendly and welcoming hellos went up as Celeste’s bright blue eyes scanned the shining faces around her until blushing slightly she smiled and returned the greeting. “Hello.” At first Celeste, who was unnamed at that point, didn’t know where to look with all the different fairies flying from place to place as they found their seats but then a glowing fairy appeared and she knew that that was where her attention should lie. The beautifully golden fairy was followed closely by five other fairies as she approached. Four of the fairies were dressed to represent each of the seasons they oversaw and the fifth was dressed in the green of a Tinker Fairy. Murmurs of a name, ‘Queen Clarion’, filtered through the gathering site but when the beautiful fairy stopped before Celeste a hush settled over the crowd.

            “Hello little one.” Queen Clarion murmured in a warm and welcoming tone as she smiled down at Celeste. Celeste smiled up at her in return. “Hello.” The queen of the warm weather fairies extended her hand as she continued to smile down at her. “My name is Queen Clarion. Welcome to Pixie Hollow.” She announced before drawing Celeste up to her feet. As soon as Celeste was standing her delicate wings unfurled, fluttering once to settle themselves before resting quietly behind the new fairy. A quickly hidden look of surprise appeared on Queen Clarion’s face but she didn’t say anything though she was surprised to see that the new fairy had unfurled her wings without any help at all. “Now let’s try out those wings shall we?” She asked wondering if Celeste’s early skill extended to flight itself. Celeste nodded shyly before glancing around the room as though contemplating the vast possibilities of flight before performing a quick fluttering of her wings that brought her up off the ground. She quickly returned her feet to the floor, however, but it seemed to be more from embarrassment than from an inability to stay aloft because a deep blush stained her cheeks and nervously wrung her fingers before her. “Did I do alright?” She asked. Queen Clarion chuckled warmly at the timid question. “You did beautifully.” She assured her before smiling down at her and stepping back so she could summon a ring of mushrooms which appeared around the new fairy. Quickly, one by one, the different specialty fairies placed a symbol of their skills on the mushrooms and returned to their seats as if bidden by some secrete cue that Celeste was not aware of.

            “It is time to find your talent little one.” Queen Clarion announced, motioning for the new fairy to approach the symbols. Celeste hesitated and looked back at the queen. What exactly was she supposed to do? “How will I know which one to pick?” She asked but the queen smiled and shook her head. “They will help you pick.” Queen Clarion replied as she motioned for Celeste to approach the symbols once more. Celeste sighed and worried her lower lip before approaching the symbol directly before her, the glowing drop of dew that represented the Water Talent Fairies. Hesitating she reached out her hand but as she touched the dew drop it fell out of suspension and burst upon the mushroom cap. Celeste flinched and glanced back at the queen, having seen the disappointed look on the Water Talent Fairies’ faces. Queen Clarion gave her an encouraging smile and gestured for her to try a different symbol. Slowly Celeste made her way around the circle, trying each symbol as she went but each symbol she tried to connect with rejected her. The snowflake melted, the miniature cyclone disappeared, the flower wilted in her hands, and the hammer clattered to the ground as it fell out of the air in an attempt to avoid her touch. When she finally approached the small glowing ball of light from the Light Talent Fairies Celeste wondered if she even needed to bother trying to connect with it. The glowing orb was the only symbol left, clearly it had to be her talent, but she walked over to it anyway and lifted the condensed light into her hands. To her relief it stayed there, emitting a soft glow from her hands before glowing slightly brighter but even then it remained painfully dim. “Oh how sad, doesn’t look like she’ll have much of a talent at all.” One of the fairies observed, but then the blue light of the moon slipped into the branches of the tree and landed gently upon Celeste. Instantly the light in her hands sprang to painful life as it burned a brilliant white. Alarmed Celeste held it away from her, turning her face away from the blinding glow in an attempt to shield her eyes. That was when it happened. The light in her hands turned from pure white to iridescent blue, bathing the congregation in a turquoise hue and turning the pixie dust of the pool from gold to aqua before the light flashed a blinding blue that forced everyone to shield their eyes. When the light finally died down to the cool glow of the moon everyone opened their eyes and looked in astonishment at the new fairy who was still standing in the middle of the room. In her hands she held a small glass orb that shimmered and glowed blue like the moonlight that had filled the room. “Well I believe you have discovered your rare talent little one. Undeniably you are a Light Talent Fairy but more specifically you appear to be a Moonlight Talent Fairy.” Queen Clarion announced as she reached for the orb the young fairy still held. Celeste handed it off even though she felt a pang of regret upon losing it. Queen Clarion took the orb and gently tucked it into her robes. “Light Talent Fairies come meet your newest member…Celeste.” Queen Clarion announced leaving the Light Talent Fairies to see to their newest member. The queen returned to the council of the seasons and Fairy Mary of the Tinkers. “What is it?” Fairy Mary asked, pointing to the orb that the queen had removed from her gown. “I don’t know. But we shall have to find out.” Queen Clarion replied before turning to the gathered fairies and encouraging the festivities to resume. Tonight they had more than just the Blue Harvest Moon to celebrate.

Years later the orb from that night would be revealed as the moon stone and it would become part of The Revelry and the rejuvenation of the Pixie Dust Tree. Even further in the future the stone would be broken and made anew by another talented pixie named Tinker Bell but that was still many many years away for Pixie Hollow was still quiet young and there was much that still needed to happen.

When a baby laughs for the very first time, a fairy is born...