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Sasori x Reader .:My Puppet:.
Story published February 6, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 15 pages · 1,819 readers · 7,645 reads
Just a Crush or Lo
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Just a Crush or Love?

Sasori tinkered with one of his puppets, but he wasn't really worrying or caring about the actual puppet. He was actually a little bit bothered by something.
In your point of view, you believed that Deidara was 'hot'. What about him was 'hot'? He was just an annoying, long-haired brat who had the IQ of an insect. Stupid brat even had a scope over his left eye, yet you still thought he was hot? And Itachi was some silent, anti-social grump. He was physically 'hot', Sasori supposed, but his personality was barely desirable. Right?

But why is this bothering him?
Sasori hated this feeling. It was so annoying, so irritating. It was distracting. But admittedly, it was there. Usually he was apathetic to most things. Even the brat's crazy view of art didn't bother him this much. 
"Sasori-Sensei, if you're, uh... made of wood, does it mean you can't feel emotions?"
All of a sudden, Sasori realised something. Emotions... included irritation. Mental irritation, right? Did this mean that... he could feel other things? Like, happiness? Love? Suddenly, he felt something that made him feel... excited? Suddenly, he felt a smallthump where his core was. It hurt. Sasori groaned, and covered his face with his cold hands.
How and why were you triggering these... feelings?
A waste of time, you thought bitterly. That's what love is to him. In anger and frustration, you literally stabbed a scrap piece of paper with your pencil, effectively breaking it. You threw the pencil against the wall and took out another one and started messily scribbling on your pierced piece of paper.
Stupid, stupid love. It's stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
You hated how weak you felt - it was so... so... Well, there were no words.
No words to convey how you felt.
No words to convey your feelings to him.
Was this a simple crush, or... love?