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The Dark Diva meets the Dead Man (Ministry of Darkness era)
Story published February 6, 2013 · updated May 4, 2013 · completed · 31 pages · 697 readers · 8,388 reads
meet Kacey
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Meet Kacey

Thats me, well, not in my wrestling outfit.
I've been in the WWF for a little over 3 week.
And trust me, is is the attitude era of the company. Stone cold, the rock, big boss man, the McMans, Undertaker's little army. What ever. The Diva, get out of my way since there this rumor i do voodoo. I'm no Papa Shango, but I did study voodooism for collage before i dropped out.
I'm 20 years old. youngest diva in the business.
Favorite colors are, you guessed it, red and black.

Hey, i godda go warm up before Kane, or Taker comes along.
Sooo, catcha later.