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Vocaloid Guys x Reader
Story published February 6, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · completed · 77 pages · 48,252 readers · 445,263 reads
Kagamine Len
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Kagamine Len

        "Haha! Loser!"
        Once again, the mean, popular girls were picking on you. You're a fangirl, so what? They don't have to abuse you for it!
        You've had a crush on Len Kagamine ever since you heard Servant of Evil. They were talking about how hot guys with abs were, so you described Len's perfection and said he wasn't muscular yet totally awesome. Ever since they'd been teasing you for loving an anime guy. They were crushing all your dreams, and there didn't seem to be much hope. Now, in the hallway after school, they're being meaner than ever.
        "He's not even real! You weirdo!" One of them kicked you.
        Wow. None of them had ever resorted to physical bullying until now. Encouraged, they all began jabbing their feet into your sides. "Where's your boyfriend now?"
        "I'm not sure, but I'll be happy to fill in."
        "And I'll help!"
        Wait, why do those voices sound so familiar? Tears fill your eyes as you look to the corner. It can't be...
        But it is! There's Len and Rin, and they look MAD.
        "Wait... you're real?" one of the mean girls says.
        "We're here, aren't we? Leave that girl alone." Len shoots back, anger flashing through his determined, bright blue eyes.
        Completely frightened that reality has twisted to allow him here, the girls flee. The Kagamine twins rush to you, helping you up.
        "Are you OK?" they say in unison.
        "Yeah," you say, "I'm fine."
        "No, you're not. You're bleeding." Rin says, wiping your mouth. You touch your hand to your face, and sure enough, there's blood.
        "Oh..." you say. "I guess I'm not."
        "Quick, Rin, let's get her to the nurse!" They grab your arms and run you to the nurse's office, where your wounds are examined and taken care of. Your waist will be sore for days, due to extreme bruises. After the nurse finishes, Len comes back saying he's reported the girls to the principal.
        "They won't bother you ever again." Len states.
        "Thanks," you say. The twins decide to walk you home.
        "By the way," Len says, "I'm Len Kagamine, and this is my sister Rin."
        "I know." you tell them.
        "You do?!" Rin exclaims, "but how? No one knows us here!"
        "Some people do. I've been introducing everyone in school to Vocaloid. It still has yet to become really famous."
        "Wow. That's cool! What's your name?"
        "____," you say, "____ ____."
        "What a cool name!" Len says, making you blush. You thank him, and you're home. Rin starts heading back to their house, but Len hangs back.
        "Those girls said you had a boyfriend...?" he asks you.
        "What?! No! They're just teasing me about some guy I like."
        "Who is it?"
        "Um... we just met, ya know? Not really ready to share my deepest and darkest secrets yet..."
        "OK, I get it. See ya around, ___?"
        "Yeah, see ya around, Len." He waves and leaves. You get in your room and sink against the door.
        WOW. Did that really just happen?!

        Yes, it did. The next day, you see they're in your class. And their seats aren't far from yours. You go over and set your books down on your desk. Len looks up from the iPod you didn't know he owned, and gives an easy grin at you. "Hey, ___, heard this song yet?"
        Kagamine revolution. You'd only heard it a thousand times. It was an amazing and powerful song you loved. You both softly sang the lyrics, while everyone stared at you two and whispered. In order to hear the song, you had to get very close to Len so you could hear the music coming from his headphones. You were blushing like crazy, but he just stared down at his iPod and sang. When the song ended, you quickly got your head away from his. Your face was going to melt if you stayed close to him any longer. He smiled brightly at you. "You're a really great singer!"
        You blush and say, "Thank you."
        All of a sudden, Rin flies in and says, "You two can flirt later!!! We have a serious crisis on our hands!!!"
        "What?! We're not flirting!!!" you both say in unison, blushing. But the second thing Rin said troubled you. "A crisis? What?"
        "Miku bailed on our song for the talent show! She wants to do a remake of Magnet with Kaito. Blech. Anyways, we need a third singer or we have to choose another song!!!"
        Len grins and says, "I know just the girl." They both look at you.
        "You can sing?" Rin asks, pointing at you.
        "Apparently, I can, according to Len."
        "OK! I'll sing with you guys!"
        "YAY!" They hug you and everyone in the room laughs.

        After school, you practice the song. They had originally decided on Honey, since it was a popular, catchy song that everyone would like. And after all, many Vocaloids had gotten a shot at singing it, so it was nothing new. To them, at least. You had to learn the lyrics, AND the dance! It's a good thing you're talented in such events. You picked it up quickly. The twins clearly showed their fascination.
        "Wow!" Len exclaimed, "You're better than I thought!"
        "I agree," Rin said, nodding her head. "You're as good as us!"
        You blush and say, "Thank you, but there's no way I'm as good as you two. You're virtually perfect!"
        "In newer versions, I suppose, but our first debut was a disaster! Masuta decided to rush us since Miku was becoming so popular. We've been improved since then."
        "Obviously!" you say, and everyone laughs.

        A couple weeks later at the talent show, you're in the girl's dressing room getting ready. You look so... like a Vocaloid. You love it! You're staring at your unbelievable reflection in the mirror when Rin comes out of NOWHERE and pounces on your shoulders!
        "C'mon, we got a show to pull off!" Rin and you are clothed similarly, but the colors have been flipped so it looks like you're opposite of each other. You're wearing jeans with sequins on your right pant leg, and a sleeveless top that's checkered in pink and yellow. You're wearing a bow on your head that's pink on one side, and yellow on the other. It was you and Rin who came up with the idea. For Len, you both made an outfit made entirely of black and yellow. You had kept Rin laughing the entire time making it singing over and over again, "Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow..."
        All of a sudden, your phone buzzed. A text from Len, saying, "were up in 5, r u 2 finished yet?!" You giggle and reply saying "ya, give us a sec."
        Rin says with a sly grin on her face, "So, what'd your crush text you?"
        "He said we're up in 5 min- WHAT?! He is NOT my crush!"
        "Idiot. It's written all over your face."
        "OK, fine, I like him, but please don't say anything! He probably just wants to be friends."
        Rin nods, but as she walks away, you swear you thought you heard her say, "I wouldn't be so sure."
        After the performance, which by the way ROCKED, Rin comes up to you and says, "So, ____, how's it going with the boy of yellow?
        "Completely oblivious."
        "You should tell him! If you don't you never will."
        "I'd just as soon keep it that way."
        "Geez, you need some confidence!" Just then, the stage manager came to tell you that the winners were going to be announced soon and that they had to find Len and get onstage pronto."
        "OK! C'mon, ____!" Rin grabs your hand and starts running around with you. You had forgotten how annoyingly playful she was.

        "And the winner of this year's talent show is... The VOCALOIDS!!! Give 'em a hand, folks!"
        Your eyes bug out as Rin and Len hug each other. You won! Awesome! You're given a trophy with a shooting star on it, and you all hold it up. Then you give it back to the judge so your names can be engraved. A few minutes later backstage, Len turns and says, "You were great, ____. You're the reason we won."
        "I doubt that. Highly. You guys were in it too, ya know!
        "So? You were in it, too."
        "True..." You're just staring into his bright, blue eyes. You wanted to stare in those eyes forever. All of a sudden, you felt a hard push on your back and you fall into his arms, stubbing your toe on the floor.
        "Ow..." All of a sudden you look up and see his face, astonished and blushing. Then he gives you that smile of his.
        "Do you like me?"
        "Of course I like you, Len."
        "I mean as more of a friend."
        "Well, erm... yes..."
        "Wanna see if the feeling is mutual?"
        Next thing you know, his face is coming down to meet yours. His lips touch yours in a soft yet perfect kiss. When he pulls away, You smile the biggest and most radiant smile you've ever smile. You hug him, and he hugs you back.
        You're so happy, you can't even hear in hollering, cheering, teasing, and laughing in the background.
        "All she needed was a little... push! Hahaha!!!"