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Vocaloid Guys x Reader
Story published February 6, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · completed · 77 pages · 48,243 readers · 445,197 reads
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        Being the popular girl, you always got what you wanted.
        You were the school's idol. Everyone loved you. 
        Well, everyone except one guy.
        You still remember your first conversation with him.
        "Hi!! I'm _____ _____. What's your name, new kid?"
        "... Matsudappoiyo."
        "Matsudappoiyo? Cool! What a unique name!"
        "... Don't struggle to compliment it."
        "Why not?"
        "... You don't mean your words. Speak truthfully or not at all."
        "What are you talking about?"
        With that you walked away.
        He was obviously the weirdest kid in school. Dull and lazy. Bad grades. No expression. Odd name (he doesn't have a surname). Not only that, he didn't see what was so amazing about you. This got him picked on.
        You honestly didn't want him hurt. In fact, you kind of liked him and wished he'd go out with you. But hey, you can't stop angry followers. 
        Matsu (that was his nickname, his real one was too long) was a social outcast for not liking the idol. He wasn't violently bullied, just verbally. You wished he wouldn't get bullied at all.

        The school year was about to end and Matsu was still getting picked on. You were seriously starting to get sick of it. But you knew if you did, rumors would spread about you and Matsu. If it was rumored you liked him and were secretly dating him, your social life would be over like that except for your one true friend, Miku. Second most popular girl in school.
        "Ugh, Miku, what should I do?"
        You were sitting alone (for now) in the field. You had pushed your lunch aside.
        "Well, you told me you liked him, didn't you?"
        You sighed. "Yes, I like him, but not that much."
        "You should try dating him. Maybe people will back off. Plus you'll get a totally hot boyfriend!"
        You thought of him. Yeah, he was hot. "But there's a chance my popularity will go down."
        "Does that even matter? No matter what you've got me. I think a person's happiness is more important than their social rank."
        You thought of what Miku said. The reason she was so popular was because she was friends with you and for being nice to everyone. Everyone loved Miku. But you didn't want people to think you were dating him out of pity... You actually liked him.
        What the - ? You were starting to sound like you already planned on confessing! You looked at a smiling Miku. She looked like she had been reading your thoughts... and knowing Miku, she probably was.
        You smiled. "You're right. Thanks, Miku. I'm going to go confess to Matsu."
        "OK. When?"
        "Today after school."

        You scribbled a quick note to Matsu, telling him to meet you after school. You waited in the classroom after everyone left and Matsu came in, holding the note.
        "... You wrote this."
        You nodded. "Matsu... I guess I need to tell you I like you..."
        He stared. "... Why?"
        "I like you and I'm sick of seeing you get picked on."
        "I don't care if I get picked on. Because..."
        "... I get to see you every day."
        Your eyes widened. "... What?"
        "You were the first person to talk to me. You smiled so kindly and complimented me... I hate my name, and you said you liked it..."
        "Because it's different. I'm so popular because I'm normal. I'm scared to be different, but you're not. It's one of the things I like about you..."
        He walked up to you and brushed a lock of hair out of your face. He put a hand on your cheek and you smiled at him. Blank as always, he kissed you. Of course you kissed back.
        But he pulled away smiling.