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Vocaloid Guys x Reader
Story published February 6, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · completed · 77 pages · 48,261 readers · 445,386 reads
Kamui Gakupo
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Kamui Gakupo

        You stared at - no, dreamily gazed and inwardly drooled over - your sensei.
        "Alright class, practice those forms! I want them memorized by the end of the week! Dismissed," Gakupo boomed. His voice was like a thick, deep lake you wanted to drown in.
        "Hai!" you shouted with your classmates, then started gathering your stuff. He was so handsome, but you knew all the girls in your class liked him, too. But it was a known fact among everyone except Gakupo that you liked him the most. So everyone was waiting to see if shy you would make a move. As if! You just do nothing so you won't end up remaking "Love is War."
        All of a sudden, someone taps you on the shoulder. You whip around, causing your high ponytail to go smack right into... Gakupo's face! He touches his stinging cheek and does nothing else.
        "Omigosh! I am so sorry, Sensei! Are you OK?" you cry. After a moment, he chuckles and takes his hand away.
        "I've been injured worse than this. A little stinging never hurt me," he said. You admired how strong and immune to everything he was. "Now, I wanted to talk to you about your forms. You seem to be falling behind a bit."
        "Oh, er... really?" you say, your voice rising to a squeak and your cheeks turning red. If you failed this class, Gakupo would be so disappointed in you! But lately, it had been too hard to concentrate with his beautiful face right in front of you. 
        "Yes," he confirmed. "If you want, you can visit the dojo at my house to study with me, so you'd be free from the distraction of other students."
        You couldn't do anything except stare, your eyes widened. Did KAMUI GAKUPO... just invite you to his house?
        "Uh... ___? Are you OK?" Gakupo said, waving his flawlessly pale hand in front of your face. The flash of his purple nail polish woke you up.
        "Um, I'm fine. Yes, I accept, Sensei."
        He smiled. "Great. I'll drive you there after school tomorrow. See you in class." He returned to his little table and began meditating by the candles as you leave.

        "What?! Absolutely not," your mother says.
        "Why not?!" you shout, almost crying. You had told her you were going to a teacher's house after school tomorrow.
        "Because it's dangerous and I said so!" she countered, while chopping eggplants, the food you had just gotten obsessed with for obvious reasons.
        "How is it dangerous?! I've known Sensei Kamui the entire semester!"
        "The semester started two weeks ago, ____! Just listen to me when I say it's not safe! Didn't you once tell me about that song where he trapped all those women?"
        Madness of Duke Venomania is what she's talking about. "Mom, that's fake. He wouldn't really do that!"
        "Oh really?! Here, turn on the TV and go to the news!" she shouts, chopping loudly. Groaning, you flip through the channels until you find the local news.
        "This just in, the winner of the __(town name)___ Beauty Pageant has disappeared without a trace!  It is rumored she was kidnapped, but that is unconfirmed." Your mother turns off the TV.
        "That is why you cannot go.  I think it has something to do with that Kamui guy!"
        "Mom, that's just a coincidence! That's not his fault!"
        Your mother literally growled under her breath and muttered, "Fine. You can go. But do what you can to come back."
        "He's driving me home. He promised."
        "Hmph. I still don't trust him. Dinner's ready!" she called.
        Later that night, you went to bed, sung to sleep by the sound of Gakupo's voice from your iPod. You groan inwardly. Mothers! So PARANOID! You were going to be completely fine. But as you sighed, your confidence began to drop.

        When you visited his house the next day, he helped you with his forms as promised. Even when he allowed a break, nothing suspicious happened. Your mom seriously needs more rust in your decisions. You finished the extra lesson safely. When Gakupo drove you home, part of the way there his car ran out of gas.
        "Stupid machine. You wait here, I'll walk to the nearby gas station. OK?"
        "OK, Sensei." He left.
        You were starting to get SOOOO bored. You checked the time on your phone. He had been gone for twenty minutes! How long does it take for a samurai to get a gallon of gas?!
        All of a sudden, without warning, the window broke. You screamed and ducked, hoping the fallen glass wouldn't cut you. As the car alarm sounded, an unknown man ripped the door off and threw out out, leaving you sprawled across the sidewalk, unable to move in pain. He ripped out the alarm, which immediately went silent. He went through your bag, and found nothing important. Then, he remembered you.
        As he came closer, you gulped. What was going to happen to you? Gakupo, help!
        All of a sudden, a flash of light hit you in the eyes as something white and purple rushed in on the man. You were temporarily blinded, so you couldn't see what happened. But when your sight returned, you saw the man lying on the pavement, not moving. Blood dripped from his side. A clean, pale hand extended itself.
        "Are you alright?"
        "GAKUPO!!!" you cried, jumping into his arms. He held you close, and you sobbed into his chest. "You saved me! I had no idea what he'd do to me!"
        "I'd never, ever let someone hurt you. You're kind, sweet, and great at the way of the samurai. You're one of my favorite students."
        Student? Oh, boo, you thought he was going to confess he liked you for a second. You had to tell him, anyway.
        "Um, Gakupo? There, ah, something I need to tell you."
        "Yes, ___-chan?"
        He called you chan! "Um... I... kinda sorta... have a crush on you... IT'S OK IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME!!!" You fight back tears and squeeze your eyes shut, bracing yourself for a rejection. Instead, you feel a soft, cool kiss on your brow. The next two words were the best thing you'd ever heard.
        "Me too."
        Mom, you were OH-SO-WRONG about Gakupo!!!