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Pitch Perfect ~Bumper Story~(Finished)
Story published February 8, 2013 · updated March 24, 2013 · completed · 45 pages · 5,425 readers · 51,835 reads
The Article
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The Article

                                                                                                    Acapella Groups Overrated?

                                                                                By: Stephanie Willitts

        Throughout my life I have been taught all there is to know about Acapella even though I had no interest in the matter. My Aunt and Granny are both graduates from the University that is known for the Acapella; Barden University where two groups resign there The Treblemakers an all male group and The Barden Bellas an all female group. I have done enough research to honestly say both groups are both ridiculous I mean they actually find singing without music and dancing around enjoyable! I think that this activity needs to be erased from the curriculum and be replaced with something more educational or useful.
        During my research about the Trebles I came across a name that I came across frequently; Bumper Allen. Who is this Bumper Allen you ask? The leader of the Treblemakers, I can safely say he is a character I mean come on he even invested on his own sport sandals. I think he is a diva wanting all the attention. Don't even get me started on the Bellas...what was with Aubrey throwing up on everyone? Is that why people go to these things? I don't see why the hype is, I don't think I ever will.   

                                        Bumper's POV

                Searching for her article and reading it wasn't the best idea, what she said was hurtful, unlike her, why would she say these things? What would she know though, she doesn't understand the real acapella world yet she never will. Did she really think she could hide this from me? I don't know why I am so upset though its not like we are dating plus my fame around here tops this damn article anyways. I haven't spoke to her for about a week now and I plan on keeping it that way but I can't stand not seeing her. I should of let her explain but I was just so pissed I had to get away from her. I pulled out my phone and saw the time, maybe I should text Donald and see what he says.