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Age Is Just A Number! *Connor Franta Love Story*-Finished-
Story published February 8, 2013 · updated March 20, 2013 · completed · 36 pages · 6,012 readers · 58,173 reads
Meeting the Girls
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Meeting the Girls :)

Name: Celeste Harmon
Status: In a relationship with Ricardo Ordieres.
Crush: Ricarddoo ♥
Age: 16 years old!
Birthday: November 1st
How we met: I've was friends with Ricardo for a while and I had a HUGE crush on him then he asked me out!

Hey, I'm Celeste! I'm in a relationship with this amazing guy that goes by the name of Ricardo. He's SUPER sweet and everything. I met everybody before (O2L & All their girlfriends). My best friend Morgan (She's dating Kian) is the whole reason that I meet Ricardo because she's JC's sister! We recently met all of the other boys girlfriends too! We're close to them all but Kayla is our new best friend. Um, we're all moving in together! All of us includes all of o2l and their girlfriends (Except for Connor, Samantha, Rayne and Trevor). Anyways, I gotta go before I miss my flight! Byee..

Quotev Name:  Cece Brooks-Franta-Lawley ( )

Name: Casey Rose Pottorff
Status: In a relationship with JC Caylen!
Crush: JC Caylen.
Age: 19 years old.
Birthday: December 24.
How We Met: I met JC when I was hanging out with my cousin, Sam Pottorff and then JC accidently fell on me! We've been best friends ever since then and now we're in a relationship.
Hi guys, I'm Casey! I recently got to meet  O2L and I also got to see my other friends Samantha and Rayne again. They're both pregnant now! I also met a couple other girls too, which are the other boys girlfriends. I'm closest with Alexa (My best friend), Rayne and Samantha! We're all best friends now but I'm actually more closer to Rayne then I am to Samantha! I mean they're both awesome it's just kinda like that, just like Casey's closer to Samantha then she is to Rayne. Oh yeah and guess what? Well, the guys thought it'd be cool if they all got a house together! Yes ALL of the boys from o2l in one house, well other then Connor and Trevor because they decided to get the their own houses with Samantha and Rayne! I think it's really cute! Anyways, the rest of us girlfriends are also moving in with the boys too, which means my best friend Alexa (Sam's girlfriend) is gonna be moving in with us too! I think this is gonna be a lot of fun, living in Alabama. I gotta go before I miss my flight, BYEE!!

Quotev Name: Maya Castronovo ( )


Name: Alexa Brooke Lawley
Status: In a relationship witthh Sam Pottorff!!
Crush: Sam Pottorff =)!
Age: 19 years old!
Birthday: November 30.
How they met: I am Kian Lawley's cousin but we would barley talk once he joined o2l! I ALWAYS had a huge crush on his friend, Sam but he was a jerk to me but now we're dating! And I used to tell Kian everything but not really, anymore. JC and I are pretty close friends too!

Hey I'm Alexa! You probably already know about the girls and stuff now, and that we're all moving in with the guys? Yup! I can't wait, it'll be SO fun!!! I get along with all the girls, including Samantha and Rayne. All of us are pretty excited for them to have their babies! I've known Casey the longest because our cousin's (Sam and Kian) were always hanging out and we became best friends soon after. Then we both met Samantha and Rayne when they came up to visit Kian and Sam. We were all pretty close and stuff but now we're all best friends! I'm honestly closer to Samantha then I am with Rayne though, to be honest with you. But anyways, I got to go catch my flight. Byyee!

Quotev Name: Alexa ( )


Name: Morgan Caylen
Status: In a relationship with Kian Lawleyy!
Crush: Kian Lawley
Age: 16
Birthday: August 20th
How we met: I am JC's sister and have been friends with Kian  for a long time!

Hi, I'm Morgan! You probably know everything that's going on by now, right? So, I'm not gonna bore you with a big bio here! All you need to know is that I have two best friends, Celeste and Kayla. I'm friends with the rest of the girls too, it's just that I'm closest to these two girls :). You probably know about everyone moving and stuff so I'll just leave it at that :). Byyee!
Quotev Name: ѕwαggιи αʅʅ dαу αиd иιgнtツ ( )


Name: Kayla Evans
Status: In a relationship with Ricky Dillon.
Crush: Ricckkyy Dillonn!
Age: 17.
Birthday: May 13th
How we met: Meet and Greet in L.A. & Ricky and I instantly clicked =)

Helloo, I'm Kayla. I'm moving from L.A. to Alabama to live with my amazing boyfriend that I met at a meet and greet, Ricky!  I've already met everyone else too and I'm close to all of the girls! I'm closest to Morgan and Celeste though. Anyways, you probably know everything else! I gotta go before I miss my flight byee!!
Quotev Name: Kayla ( )