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Forced to Love -Severus Snape-
Story published February 9, 2013 · updated July 10, 2013 · 60 pages · 15,333 readers · 70,390 reads
1: Moving House
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1: Moving House

-I hope you liked this chapter! I know it says I haven't updated since July 10th, 2013. This is because this is an old story of mine (and frankly, a badly written one) that I am re-writing, with an entirely new plot and more detail. It will at some point tell you that I have updated.-

5th July, 1996

I've never experienced normality. I don't think it would suit me. It doesn't really matter if it would suit me or not: I can never be normal. With a Dark Lord as a parent you can't really have a normal life. The closest I get to normality is my summer break. All year, I am feared and talked about because I am Bellatrix Lestrange's daughter. I have a few friends only, friends who aren't scared of me or using me for something. When I get home for summer, I am left alone to do whatever I want. No disturbances from irritating people.

That small moment of normality is my sanity, and now it's being taken away from me. Why, you ask? Severus Snape. The Dungeon Bat, the Potions Master, the bane of my life. He's a sneak for my Father, a double agent, spying on the Order of The Phoenix. Oh, how I'd love to ruin him like he's ruining me.

What has he done, you ask? He's taking me away from my freedom. My Father has betrothed me to him, and we're to be married when I turn seventeen. Naturally, I thought that I had at least some time. Alas, when I returned from Hogwarts three days ago, I was informed that I would be staying with him over the summer. You can imagine how overjoyed I was.

So here I sit, in my Chambers, enjoying my last few minutes of freedom. Soon, he'll come waltzing in to take me away to Prison, and I'll be expected to go without a fight. I have to go without a fight. If I run away or put up a fight, Narcissa and Draco will be punished. They've raised me since I was a baby, and cold-hearted though I may be, those are two of the only people I actually care about. It leaves me with no choice but go to along with this plan and live out the rest of my life in an unhappy marriage. Perhaps, with any luck, one of us will be killed in the war.

I hear my name being called, and I get up out of the windowsill, taking one long last look around the room that I have called my own for the last 14 years. Time to say goodbye, Jasmine. I picked up the suitcase, magically expanded (of course) from where it lay on my bed and lifted it onto the floor.

I summoned one of the House Elves and handed them the suitcase. They bowed and thanked me, before leaving the room. I forced myself to walk out of the room, closing the door behind me. The end of one life, the start of another.

I reached the hallway of the manor, where I found my suitcase standing on the wooden floor. Next to it was Severus Snape. With his wavy black hair, pale skin and obsidian eyes, he certainly stood out from the crowd. He simply glanced at me before looking away, instead observing Draco and Narcissa.

Both had changed drastically since the capture and imprisonment of Uncle Lucius. Draco was much calmer and relaxed, though completely oblivious to the danger that he was in. Uncle Lucius had always been harsh on him, so no doubt he was both angered and relieved that he was in Azkaban. Aunt Narcissa, though, had fell to pieces. She didn't eat or sleep any more, therefore she had lost quite a bit of weight. She was very pale and shaky all of the time, and I could tell she was constantly worrying what was going to happen to me and Draco, now that they had gotten Lucius.

As I hugged her goodbye, I couldn't help but feel that she was slightly relieved that I was going away. She didn't have to worry about me as much: as much of an idiot as Severus Snape is, he's not stupid enough to let any harm come to me. If I got hurt whilst in his care, it's safe to say his life would be terminated.

"Be safe. Visit soon." Aunt Narcissa whispered in my ear. "It's not what I wanted to happen but try to be happy."

I nodded, pulling away from the hug. I didn't want to hug her too tightly for I was worried that I might break her, she looked so fragile. I hugged Draco briefly and awkwardly - we were cousins, the same age, and would be seeing each other at Hogwarts anyway. We're in the same house and year. Snape picked up my suitcase and offered me his arm. I wrapped my own around it.

The unpleasant sensation of Apparition overwhelmed me, everything turning black and I found myself struggling to breathe. There was a pounding in my ears, and when I eventually landed on solid ground again, I took a deep breath, savouring the feeling of the cool night air in  my lungs.

I looked around my surroundings. All I could see were rows and rows of battered houses, some looking more derelict. Their windows were dull and the properties showed little signs of life. The air was thick and the whole place had a very industrial feel to it. It was safe to say that I was far away from the clean air of the countryside where Malfoy Manor lay.

"Welcome," Snape stated. "To Spinner's End."

"It looks lovely." I replied sarcastically.

Snape did not reply nor look at me, he simply started to walk at a fast pace through the rows of houses. I walked at his side purely because I did not have a clue where I was and did not want to get lost. He eventually came to a stop outside an ordinary looking house that was in slightly better condition than the others. The grass was neatly trimmed, presumably by magic, though that seemed to be the only thing that had been looked after.

As I walked into the house, there was an obvious air of neglect. Snape clearly only lived here in the Summer, and never bothered to look after the house or decorate once in a few hundred years. We stepped into what I presumed was the living room. Each wall was lined completely with books, an old sofa and chairs spread around the room. Various candles were placed around the room, giving the room an eerie glow.

"Let me show you your room. I presumed that you wanted your own room?" Snape asked, and I nodded. "That would be best for both of us, especially considering that I'm just as comfortable with this arrangement as you are. Now, come."

A summer of fun is definitely not on the cards.