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The Housekeeper ( A Jacob Perez/ Mindless Behavior Love Stor
Story published February 9, 2013 · updated May 6, 2013 · 111 pages · 2,382 readers · 33,213 reads
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My name is Aliyah Johnson. I’ve been beaten by both of my parents, raped twice by my dad, and shot by my drunk uncle. I have no friends. My life has been horrible ever since I was born. I’ve even tried suicide a few times, with no success.
I’ve been placed in the house of Mr. Perez to do housekeeping in exchange for a place to live for a while. I’m scared, to be honest. I just want a normal life. 

~ Jacob's POV
I swear, if this new girl thinks i’m going to be her friend, she’s got another thing coming. I don’t give a f/ck who she is. I have to give up MY room and move into the basement for her. I’ll make sure her time here is a living hell, if it’s the last thing I do.

I can't believe my dad did this. Gave her MY room, and force me to live in the basement? 
H'ell no. She better watch her back.  I looked her up and down with despise. Just her presence irritated me.
Dad was talking to her about some stuff then turned to face me.
"Now, I want you to be nice to miss Aliyah, do you understand?" Dad said looking me in the eyes.
I just sat there in silence. 
"Do you understand?" He said, a little louder.
"Yes." I spat before getting up and going downstairs to the basement.

~Aliyah's POV
The boy that was Mr. Perez was talking to got up and left, only after shooting me a look full of hatred. I can tell he's going to be an obstacle in this.
"Aliyah, welcome to the Perez residence." Mr. Perez said, extending his hand for me to shake. I gave his hand a shake and he led me upstairs to the room I would be staying in.
He explained all of my responsibilities, and let me unpack. I'm just happy to get out of my old environment. My parents lived in a trap house, strung out on drugs since I was four. I lived with my grandma until she died, and Mr. Perez agreed to take me in as a housekeeper. I'm already at a college level in school, so I don't really need to go.
 Only a few days ago had I discovered how wealthy they were. I hope I don't stick out too much.
I walked out into the hallway and saw the rude boy standing in the hallway with an upset look on his face. He started to walk towards me and I started to back up a little. He got in my ear and whispered 'I swear, if you get in my way, it won't be good for you' and walked away. I felt shivers go up and down my body as he walked away. I'll have to be careful about him. I took a quick shower, and since it was almost ten o'clock, I slipped into my PJ's and went to sleep.
(A/N) How was the first chapter? This is my first fanfiction so please no hate! :)