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The Games (Niall Horan Love Story/Hunger Games Remix) -finis
Story published February 12, 2013 · updated May 18, 2013 · completed · 100 pages · 839 readers · 14,621 reads
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It happens every single year ever since I can remember. Ever heard of the Hunger Games trilogy? It’s a lot like that. Girls compete in an arena for someone they love. Someone they idolize. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they aren’t just doing little sissy fights you have with your siblings when you are younger. These girls fight to the death. Everyone is required to view it nationwide. Everyone in the whole world is able to see it, due to the internet. People actually make bets on who will be the victor. The “prize” is whoever is popular at the time. The first game was back in the 90’s. Girls competed for the boys of N’Sync. Than the next big game were the boys of High School Musical in 2006. Of course there were games in-between those two, but no one watched those. In 2006 they became mandatory to watch because the game maker was upset he didn’t have as many viewers as the first one. All of the school’s had televisions installed so that even the kids wouldn’t be breaking the law. Anyone who did not watch the broadcast of the games at least once a day were either sentenced to jail or put to death. It all depended on their reason for it. Many people think its wrong, but no one dares to say anything in fear that their girls will be picked next. Every year they clear out a whole entire city just to host it. People are given a year’s notice to move out. Then the town is turned into a “museum” afterwards. So the tour guides can say “And this is where the Floridian smashed a boulder over the North Carolinian’s head! Isn’t this exciting?! You can see the blood stains and everything!” It is sick. Some years they actually have the girls compete for completely different people. Like in 2009, the girls competed for Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Nathan Kress, Greyson Chance, and Mitchell Musso. Typically it is a band or a cast of a popular television show though. Every year rumors flood the streets of who is going to be picked. Every year there are the girls who are excited at the calling and the girls who are scared. Every year 5 girl’s are chosen from 15 different cities, ages 14-19. The center of it all is Los Angeles, California. That’s where all of the game makers stay and control the games. Every year on June 20th, the calling happens. The calling is where every girl in the city gathers at the center and the mayor chooses 5 girl’s names. Some say it’s random, most say it’s rigged. Either way it is wrong. Once those five girls are up on stage, people always say that The Fangirl Games have begun.