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Story published February 13, 2013 · updated August 12, 2013 · 96 pages · 33,634 readers · 185,727 reads
BSM Your Sick And
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BSM Your Sick And He Takes Care Of You

Harry: (6) you woke up in the middle of the night with a soar throat and you were really cold. You slid out of bed and tiredly walked in to you older brothers Harry's room. You opened his door and saw that he was sleeping so you walked over to his bed and shook him. "Harry wake up" you said but he didn't move. You started crying. "Harry please wake up" this time his eyes shot open. "(Y/n) what's wrong" he said rubbing his eyes. "My throat hurt and I cold". You said in between tears. He sat up and pulled you onto his bed and hugged you. "It's okay (y/n) don't cry. I'm gonna go get you some medicine you just lay down OK"  you nodded and laid down. You hid under the blankets cause honestly you were scared of medicine. You heard foot steps and buried yourself deeper into your blanket. "(Y/n) I have you medicine come out of the blankets" he told you sitting on the bed. "No" you said while still crying. Suddenly you were pulled from the blankets and into Harry's arms. Your buried your head into his chest. "Cmon (y/n) you need to take your medicine to get better"he said. "No" you said in between tears."Fine then I will just have to force you" he said when you heard those words come out of his you tried to wiggle out of his grip but he just held on. He laid you down and shoved the pill in your mouth and forced you to chew it. You quickly swallowed then drank water. Harry put on the toy story disk which were in his room from Liam. Then you guys fell asleep cuddled up together
Zayn:(12) you were at school when you started feeling sick. You told your teacher and she brought you to the office to call someone to come and get you. You sat there holding your stomach in a lot of pain. After about 15 minutes Zayn showed up.he picked you up and carried you to his car. When you got in the back of the car you laid down not even worrying about your seat belt. You were started to fall asleep and you had just pulled up in your drive way when your eyes shot open and you bolted out of the car. And ran in the house straight to the bathroom. When you got there you started puking into the toilet. Half way through you felt a hand rubbing your back and then your hair being pulled back. Once you were. Done you stood up and started staggering because you were weak. Zayn caught you before you could fall then picked you up and carried you to your room. He tucked you in then went to get you something to drink. When he came back you were passed out cold and he put the drink on your night stand then turned off you light and shut your door giving you some privacy to sleep. When you woke up you felt 100 times better.
Liam(13): you were spending the week with Liam on tour and halfway through you got sick. One morning you w sick and didn't want tour out of your bunk so you stayed there until lunch. Then you finally got up letting your pajamas hang louse from your body. You walked to the mini kitchen in the tour bus and sat beside your brother and put your head down. " Good after noon (y/n)" liam said you just groaned in response. "Aw is little (y/n) sick" he teased which made all the guys laugh. "Stop" you said bare audible cause you throat hurt a lot and that made you talk funny. (Lol it was hard to explain but you should know what it feels like :p). "Let's get you back to bed" liam said. Liam picked you up and carried you to your bunk. He was leaving but you grabbed his arm. "I'm cold lay with me." You said. He smiled then layed down beside you. For the rest of the time you were sick liam would bring you soup and cuddle with you when you were cold.
Louis:(17) you were at your shared flat that you shared with Louis and Harry when you started to get really bad cramps cause you were on your period. From were you were laying you called harry's name cause Louis was away promoting stuff for the upcoming album. "Harry come here". You heard foot steps from the halfway then harry peaked his head into your room. " What do you need (y/n)" harry asked. "Some midol and chocolate". Him having an older sister he already knew why you wanted that stuff. " K be back". About 15 minutes later harry came back in your room with a bag. "Sorry I took so long we didn't have any of the stuff so I had to go get it from the store." He told you. "Aww hazza you are so sweet" you said ruffling his curls. "Why don't we watch a movie" harry suggested. You agreed and had a fun movie day. When Louis came back he took Harry out for diner as a thank you for taking care of you. 

Niall:(15) you and Niall were having your weekly movie marathon/sleepover when your stomach started hurting. You knew you were going to throw up so you ran to the bathroom and just made it in time before you started puking your guts out. Niall quickly followed behind and soon he was rubbing your back trying to comfort you. When you finished you brushed your teeth and went back to watching movies. Through out the night Niall took care of you rather it was getting you medicine or holding your hair back and rubbing your back while you puked.