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Story published February 13, 2013 · updated August 12, 2013 · 96 pages · 35,699 readers · 194,765 reads
BSM You Have A Hic
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BSM You Have A Hickey

Harry: (16) You just cam home from your boyfriends house after a long night. You guys had sex for your first time and you regretted nothing. You walk in your house with a large smile on you face and your in a really happy mood. You walk into the living room and see your older brother harry on the couch watching re-runs of friends. You jump onto the couch yelling " Harreh how are you this fine afternoon" He looks at you strange and is about to turn back to friends when he sees a hickey on your neck. He turns from happy to angry in one second. At first you don't know why his mood changed then you finally get it when he starts talking. " (y/n? What is that on your neck. Did you have sex because I swear to god I will rip your boyfriends head off" by now he is yelling. You sit him down and explain to him " Harry i'm sixteen i'm practically an adult. I can do what ever I want. Are you m-" He cuts you off and sighs " Look (y/n) I didn't mean to yell it's just it's hard to see my little sister grow up. I just hope you didn't regret it because this is not something you can just take back". You smile and say " trust me I regretted nothing. Now that we are calm how about we watch The Last Song. You know how much I love you". He groans and says " Your lucky i'm related to you or I would not let you put me through half of the stuff you do". You smile and say " that's what sisters are for" then you get up to put the movie in.
Louis:(15) You and your boyfriend were having a intense make out sesh when he started to take things further. Nobody was home at your house. Your parents were at work and your brother and his band mates were only going to be home in a few hours. first he gave you a hickey and was about to take off your shirt when you told him you were tired. He said it was fine that you guys could just sleep on the couch. minutes later you fell asleep. A couple of hours you wake up to being flown to the floor. Louis and the rest of the boys came home to see you guys asleep on the couch so they flipped you guys off of the couch. You groan and open your eyes to see your brother and your band mates looking at you and trying to hold in their laughs. You see that your boyfriend is still asleep so you whisper "babe get up". He doesn't respond so you shake him and say "get up" he doesn't budge. this time you yell into his ear " IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP". He stands right up because of how startled he was. He looks confused and you just points to your brother and his band mates dying of laughter. You stand up and say "I will walk you to the door". He say OK and you follow him. You take a step outside and you kiss him goodbye which turns into you guys making out. After 10 minutes Louis opens the door and says " I don't think it takes- ohh I will just leave you guys alone".You pull apart and laugh at your weird brother. He is about to leave when he notices your hickey. He whispers in you ear " better hide that from your brother he will flip" while pointing to your neck. You just walk inside with you hand over your try to rush up the stairs when Louis calls for you. " hey (y/n) could you come here for a minute. You can't think of anything so you walk into the living room with your hand over your neck praying that he won't notice. You walk in and say "yes Lou what do you need?" "I was thinking that we cou- Why is your hand on your neck?" You say nothing but try to back up but you bump into something  You turn around and see it's Zayn and Harry blocking the door way. You sigh and remove your hand knowing there is not way of getting out of this one. Louis starts laughing and then says " (YN) HAS  A HICKEY. MAKE SURE YOU USE PROTECTION NEXT TIME". you just groan knowing Louis was going to give you the talk later when the boys leave. With that you go up in your room. You can hear Louis yell "WALK OF SHAME". 
Zayn:(16) you Zayn and the rest of the boys were swimming when Zayn pointed to something on your neck. You gasp knowing that you and your boyfriend had sex last night. It was a hickey. Zayn yelled catching everyone's attention " CARE TO EXPLAIN (Y/N)". All the boys are now staring at you two. You look down at the ground and mumble " me and (y/bf/n) had sex at his house last night" Zayn gets more angry then when he was and says" ARE YOU STUPID (Y/N). WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING HAVING SEX AT YOUR AGE. DID YOU AT LEAST USE PROTECTION BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU GET PREGNANT I WILL KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND". You get out of the pool and yell "OBVIOUSLY I'M NOT STUPID AND YOU DON'T CONTROL MY LIFE OR WHAT I DO". Then you go in the house get changed and watch a movie. Zayn comes back in and sits beside you. there was a silence then he starts talking."look (y/n) I didn't mean to yell at you it's just I wish I could always protect you. Can you please forgive me. You smile and say "I was never mad at you" and then hug him. You guys watch T.V until the rest of the boys come back inside then you guys go out to Nando's.
Niall:(14) at school you were playing truth or dare and one of your friends dared a guy to give you a big hickey on your neck. Reluctantly you agreed knowing that you brother Niall was going to see this. When you got home you were greeted with Niall standing at the door. You just wanted to get everything out in the open. "look before you say anything about the hickey on my neck it was a stupid dare." and with that you went in your room to do your homework and you left Niall there shocked. A couple of hours later Niall comes into your room and tries to have the talk with you. You tell him that mum already had the talk with you. Then you kicked him out.
Liam:(13) he told your parents because he never had to deal with a situation like this.