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Story published February 13, 2013 · updated August 12, 2013 · 96 pages · 35,587 readers · 194,307 reads
BSM He Finds Out Y
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BSM He Finds Out Your Not Eating

A/N requested by Mrs. Finn Harries Age 16 in all. Sorry Zayn's is so long and the rest are short.

Zayn: being Zayn Malik sister was a lot of work. You were always compared to him and people expected you to be perfect like him. You get twitter hate, a lot of it two. It's from jealous fans. The stuff they usually tell you is 'your to ugly to be Zayn's sister' ' you should try jenny Craig  'I hope you kill yourself'.. After a long time of ignoring what they say you started to believe the stuff they were saying. So you decided to wear makeup because you didn't and go on a 'healthy diet' which really was: wake up go for a jog, come home shower then go to the gym, go home and eat a maximum of 400 calories, then go to sleep. Well of coarse you go to school also. This went on for weeks and nobody suspected anything but Zayn was becoming suspicious  One day after you came home from the gym you walked in your. House and smelled food and heard laughing. You made your way to the kitchen and saw zayn and The boys in there eating diner. They were eating pizza and that's at least 500 calories per slice. More than you eat in a day. You tried to back out but Zayn saw you. He smiled and pulled out the empty spot beside him. " Hey (y/n) how about you come and join us for some pizza". You gulped and said "me and (your boyfriend name) are going out to a fancy restaurant soon. Thanks but I'm just gonna go shower". You went and showered then got dressed kinda nice but not to nice. You ran down the stairs and went into the kitchen searching for your car keys. After about 20 minutes of looking you went and asked Zayn. "Hey Zayn have you seen my keys I can't find them" he laughed and said "did you leave them in your car again" you Thought for a moment then remembered you put them on the passenger seat when you reached in the back to get your gym bag. You walked out of the room and said "thanks". You ran down the stairs and got into your car and drove away. You needed something to do for an hour or so because you weren't really going to eat with your boyfriend so you decided to go to your best friends house. You were there and watched a movie then decided to go back home. When you got there you saw your boyfriends car outside and you started to freak out. What were you going to tell Zayn. You sighed turned off your car and made you way inside of the house. You walked in and walked to the kitchen when you heard voices coming from the living room so you went into there. When you enter the living room you see Zayn and your boyfriend sitting on the couch and there is a scale in the middle of the floor. You know what's going on and start backing away when your boyfriend walks up to you and leads you towards the scale. "Get on for a minute love" you try to fight back but realized it was no use so you got on. You heard a beep and looked down to see 96.4 you looked back up to see your boyfriend and brothers face full of shock and tears. "Look I can explai-" Zayn cut you off " cut the crap (y/n) there's no explanation needed your under weight and you need help. We are going to help you". You smiled and hugged them both and thanking them. From that day you didn't listen to what anyone had to say about you.

Louis: Ever since you have been bullied at school about your weight you would make yourself throw up all of the food you ate. Nobody expected Anything until Zayn walked in. On you. He did,kt even know anyone was in there so he just walked right in. He seen the tooth brush in. Your hand And you puking over the toilet. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING. STOP" he ran over to you and pulled you back. "Brush your teeth then come to your room your gonna tell Louis about these he needs to know." Then he left. You got up brushed your teeth then slowly walked to your room. When you entered Louis and Zayn were sitting on your bed. You took a deep breath and sat down. Zayn got up and said "tell him" then left the room". You looked down at the floor because you couldn't even look at Louis. You said "I have been making myself throw up.". By now you were crying and Louis pulled you into a hug. "How long and why" he asked you. "6 months and because I was being bullied. People were telling me I was really fat and I needed to lose weight". Louis made you look at him and he said "please (y/n) your beautiful just the way you are don't change anything about you. I'm going to help you get past this. Your stronger than this" you smiled at him and said "thanks Louis it means a lot to me" from that day on you never listened to what anybody said about you.
Harry: you never liked what you looked like and you thought you were ugly and fat. You never got twitter hate or were bullied you just had a low self-esteem  You first tried to go on a healthy diet. When you didn't get the results you wanted you turned to diet pills and you would exercise for hours in you home gym. You were running on the tried mill when you collapsed. You woke up in a hospital bed with harry your parents, and your best friend all in your room. " What happened why am I in the hospital." Nobody said anything but they decided to let Harry talk to your because he was really protective of You and you were the closest to him. When they left harry sat in the chair beside you bed and grabbed your hand. " (Y/n) why haven't you been eating. And don't try to say you have because the doctors said you underweight and I found diet pills in you room." Your started crying and said " I just don't like what I look like and I think I'm fat" harry wiped away a few of your tears and said " look (y/n) why don't you go on a healthy diet. If you really think you need to lose weight but please don't starve yourself to get the results you want." You smiled and said " I promise I won't ever try anything like this again. Now when can I go home". He smiled and said " when ever your ready". From that day on you went on a healthy diet and never starved yourself again.
Niall: being Niall's sister people expected you to eat as much as him but it was the opposite you actually barely ate. Your parents were always on business trips and Niall was on tour so it was easy to starve yourself without anyone suspecting anything. You thought nobody knew but you were wrong. Your best friend knew from the start and you didn't even need to tell her. She knew you needed help so she told you brother Niall: As soon as he found out he told the boys and management that he needed a couple of weeks of tour because There was a family emergency. He showed up at your house when you were sleeping and he was waiting for you to wake up. You left your diary on the couch so he decided to read it because you probably wrote about you eating disorder in your diary. He saw everything from you saying you were fat to you calorie log and everyday it always was less than 400 calories. You woke up thirst so you went down stairs. You walked by the living room and saw Niall. You ran and jumped on him and said "I'm so happy your home. How long do you have off". He smiled and said " a couple of weeks". You got off of him and was about to go into the kitchen when you noticed your diary on the table. You turned to Niall and said " you didn't read my diary right". He sighed and said "I didn't have to. I already know that your starving yourself. (Y/bff/n) told me. She was worried about you and so am I. I've been thinking. You need help and I'm going to help you because your coming with me on the rest of the tour. But under one condition that you eat and stop worrying about your weight. " I promise." You told him then you hugged him. You went on tour with Niall and you never starved yourself or worried about your weight ever again.
Liam: your were bullied in school and you got loads of twitter hate. They all said you needed to lose weight. So that what you did. You would go for a jog everyday and only eat 450 calories a day. Liam knew from the start about what you were doing. One day when you were leaving for your jog liam stopped you. "I know what your doing (y/n) and it's not healthy." He told you. You turned around and said " I don't know what your talking about liam.". Liam sighed and said " if your fine then let me weigh you". You weren't letting liam do that so you grabbed you keys and ran out side with liam chasing after you. You got in you car and locked it before liam could get in and you drove away really fast. You were going to the park you always did when you were a kid with liam. When you got there you sat on the swing and cried. About 5 minute later you heard the swing beside you squeak then someone sit down. You knew it was liam so you didn't even look up. "Look (y/n) I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that it's just I'm worried about you. -km scared I'm gonna lose you from this" his voice cracked and you knew he was crying. You got up and said "li I promise I'll stop but please stop crying". He got up and hugged you. You never tried to stave yourself again.