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John Cena and Nikki Bella love story 4
Story published February 17, 2013 · updated December 29, 2013 · 18 pages · 21,583 readers · 85,925 reads
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"John where are we going?" Nikki asked John as sped off. "Don't worry Nikki we are going out to the club to celebrate with the roster." 

At the club
"Do you want another drink babe?" John asked Nikki "Maybe later but thanks anyways... I want to dance!" Nikki told John while leading him to the dance floor. 
Nikki took Johns hand and led him to the dance floor. As the songs changed so did Nikki's dancing. Nikki began to grind her hips on to Johns front. John hadn't seen this side of her since the reunion. John began to grind his hips in to Nikki's back side. Nikki suddenly turned to face John and wrapped her arms around his neck and kiss him while still grinding her hips forward. Johns lips soon left hers and traveled up too her neck then her ear. Nikki heard John whisper if she wanted to leave and she accepted. 

"John slow down!" Nikki shouted as she held on to the handle. 
"Nikki baby once we get in to that hotel room you will be begging for me to go faster!" John told Nikki as he touched her thigh and looked at her.
"John you know I can walk right?" Nikki said while laughing " yes I do but I rather carry and have you be protected by me at all times." John said while looking deep into her eyes. "Need some help there Johnny?" "John loved it when only Nikki called him Johnny not anyone else! "I got it babe but thanks." John said while smiling at her.  " before Nikki could even get past the living room John had already had her legs wrapped around his waist carrying her towards the bedroom.
"John!" Nikki squealed as John found her sensitive spot on her neck. John had himself on top of Nikki, but that all changed when Nikki flipped them so that now she was straddling John. Nikki began sucking on Johns neck leaving a hickie on the same side that he left on her neck. Nikki felt Johns had travel from her ass to back unzipping her dress, that's when Nikki decided to take Johns shirt and pants of as well. John then switched once again but now he was on top. John then took of his boxers and slid into Nikki. John could feel Nikki digging her nails into his back which motivated him more. 
The next morning when they woke up Nikki and John met with Brie and Daniel for breakfast.
"wow nikki what do you have on your neck?!" Brie asked Nikki. Nikki had forgotten to cover up her hickie this morning . Nikki looked at John nervously. John wrapped his arm around Nikki as he said, " Well I just can't keep my hands off her he said while he pecked her lips. Nikki blushed while she looked John. " I Love you Nicole Garcia!" John told Nikki " And I love you John Felix Anthony Cena." Nikki said as she gave john a sweet short kiss. 
After they finished breakfast they headed back up to get ready to go to arena.
"Nikki can I tell you something?" "Sure John" Nikki told him while she sat on his lap. 
           Cliff hanger :O maybe some more tomorrow :)