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Ashley Purdy? adopting me?
Story published February 17, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · completed · 90 pages · 2,568 readers · 33,827 reads
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When I woke up I jumped in the shower.
when I was done I put on eyeliner, and grabbed Jayys pajama, pants. I put them on and wrote, the, guys, a note.
Hey Goodmorning:)
I'm going to the park
2 blocks away jayy and dad have my number if you need me
sincerely, blade♥
P.s. If you want coffee I have money I'm my wallet love you!

When I got to the park I pulled out my notebook and started to draw then I put in my head phones and turned on social suicide by vampires everywhere. After a couple of hours I picked up my notebook and went and layed down next to tree slowly falling asleep.
Nice drawings I heard a familiar voice say.
I open my eyes to see Jayy flipping through my notebook while smoking.
Hey that's mine I said sitting in his lap.
And those are my pants he said looking down.
Well if you really want me to take them off right now I began
Nnno that's fine he said shaking his head
can I have that I said pointing to his cigarette
What? No child!
Please I won't tell, anybody
What if your, dad smells smoke on your clothes?
Pants are yours and im sitting on your lap
Okay only this time got it?!
Yupp I said popping the p
He handed it to me and as I inhaled one of the things I miss so much I felt relief go through my body and then I put it in his mouth.
Why are you here?
What don't want me, here?
No I do I was just curious of how you knew I was here.
Ohh will the guys asked me to come check on you.
Ohh I see hey wanna have a race? I ask with a smirk
I don't know what do I get if I win?
Whatever you want but same vise versa.
Alright hr said smirking
Start from the gate alright?
Where are to?
Your bus
Alright let's go on the ....1.....3 go he yelled taking off I ran of in a different direction
To bad he.didn't know that I have way to much fee time on my hands so I know a bunch of short cuts.
I, got there and went and say on the couch waiting for jayy 3 minutes later he ran in jumping up and down then he saw me.
Fuuuuck you child!
What time;)
Hun I'm gay
It's okay gay people go straight for me
Hah alright what do you want
We can always have one of those b
A sleepover with you me Dahvie Jeffrey stars and all your friends....
I'll see but you realize we'd all probably be drunk or high right?
I don't care maybe I could join
Please jayy!
We'll talk later let's go back to your bus
carry me!
How do you ask he said putting his hands on his hips
Good dog he said picking me up
Fuuuuck you! I'm not a dog
I know you want to but try to resist me gosh child
Shut up I said hitting his arm
When we got there I just say on Jayys lap thinking...
When I'm around Jayy I'm always happy and when I snuggle with him it's different them when I snuggle with dad or Jake... Was I starting to have feelings for him?
I highly doubt he likes me more than a friend though....
I just let me head rest on his chest as I continued to think about him...
He is perfect in every single way
His eyes are beautiful
He is tall but slim which fits him
His tattoos are beautiful
He's always do self confident
his personally, kindness, big heart , everything
Only thing wrong I'd that he's gay and would never think of me like that

Hope you guys like the story:) if you have any ideas you should share them:) I love your faces! Byee:)