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My Hero ~A Carl Grimes love story~(Completed)
Story published February 19, 2013 · updated October 15, 2013 · completed · 99 pages · 15,037 readers · 264,647 reads
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        Rick explain to us how he met this man. His name is Morgan and when Rick woke up from his coma Morgan found him and took care of him until he was better. Morgan told Rick about the apocalypse and what was now happening in the world. He saved Rick's life. Because of that reason Rick wanted to make sure that when Morgan woke up he wasn't lying on the ground possibly being eaten by walkers. Michonne and Rick walked to the front door of the building that Morgan was shooting off of and looked for booby traps. I stayed with Carl and he made sure that his gun was pointed at Morgan at all times.
        "You know he's not gonna wake up for a while right? Plus he saved your dads life, I don't think he'll kill us." He shrugged, not looking at me. "Just making sure." I took of Morgan's chest plate and placed it next to him. If he was going to get better I'm sure he wouldn't want the pressure put on his bruise. "Thanks." He looked at me and furrowed his eyebrows. "For looking for me." He smiled and lowered his gun. "Of course." He walked closer and placed a hand on the back of my neck. I drew in a breathe, knowing what was going to happen.
        "Okay." Rick announced. "We can get him in now." Carl cleared his throat and went back to Morgan. I secretly gave Rick a death stare and him and Michonne grabbed Morgan, swinging one arm around each of their shoulders. They walked him over to the door and Carl and I followed behind. "Don't step on the mat." Michonne called over her shoulder. Carl flipped over the mat when they walked over it and underneath was a pit full of sharp metal poles. I poked the top of one and pricked my finger. This guy was good.
        They walked up the stairs and through a tarp. "Watch the wire." Rick said to both of us. Carl stepped over the almost invisible wire and helped me also walk over it. He opened up the tarp for my and in front of us was a hanging bloody ax.

"So that's what the wire does."

        We walked into what I'm guessing was Morgan's room and saw a pile of guns, grenades, crossbows, and swords. Morgan was laying on a ccot and Rick was standing next to him. Carl, Michonne, and I grabbed a few bags and started packing them with weapons. I went over to the swords first and saw a cute little pink sword I knew Julia would love. I threw that in the bag along with another one of my liking. Next I walked over to the pile of crossbows. There was only a couple but one caught my eye and I had to get that for Daryl. I also got Carol and Maggie a knife I thought matched their personalities. After that I packed some things that the group needed in general.
        "We're staying till he wakes up." Rick told us. We stopped packing to look at Rick. "He shot at us. We can't risk being here when he wakes up. I say he's had a pretty good day, we didn't leave him for the walkers and we're not stealing all of his weapons." Rick walked to a box of guns and looked at Michonne. "You think he's crazy?" "I think he's dangerous." I looked between the both of them and Rick ran a hand threw his hair. "We're staying." Michonne sighed and sat on a box. I put down my bag and so did Carl. He grabbed my hand and walked me into the next room.
        On the wall was a diagram of a neighborhood. Houses were crossed out and some even said 'burned out'. Most things were written in red but there were also some things written in other colors. "What do you see Carl?" Rick asked behind us. We didn't move, just looked at the wall. "It's gone." I looked at Carl and followed his gaze. He was looking at a small house that was labeled 'RICK'S HOUSE' and next to it it said 'Burned Out'. I gave him a side hug. "Is that why you wanted to come? To see the house?" Carl didn't say anything, just stared. "Carl?" Rick asked behind us. "No. I-I just wanted to come."
        Everything was quiet until I heard someone eating. "Oh, now we're eating his food?" Rick asked sternly. I looked back and saw Michonne snort and rolled her eyes. "The mat said welcome." I chuckled and walked over to her. "Can I have one?" She nodded and handed me the bag. I at a couple and Carl came back to us. "I'm going on a run with Becca." He told Rick. "No." "Dad, it's just around the corner. Becca's coming with me, we'll be fine." Michonne got o her feet and pulled out her sword. "I'll go with them." Rick nodded and Carl let out a huff, grabbing my hand and storming out of the house.

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