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My Hero ~A Carl Grimes love story~(Completed)
Story published February 19, 2013 · updated October 15, 2013 · completed · 99 pages · 15,041 readers · 264,709 reads
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        I hopped on the back of Daryl's bike and he started it up. I took off Carl's hat, realizing it was still there, smiled, and hugged it close. I held onto Daryl and the hat as we drove away. Maggie opened the courtyard gates for us and we went through them, giving Maggie a wave before we did. We passed many walkers on our way down the dirt path and I frowned.
        The walkers tried reaching out for us but of course, the bike was too fast. We sped right by them but they still managed to turn and walk after the bike a little bit before turning back around and going back to the prison. I layed my head on Daryl's back and closed my eyes. Now that I thought about it, this was the first time I was away from Carl sense I got to the prison.
        We passed by a line of trees on either side of the road but they all just seemed like a blur to me. We finally made it to a concrete road and there were no longer any annoying bumps. Daryl made a right and immediately stopped the motorcycle. I looked up from behind his back and saw the most terrifying thing you could ever see out on a run.
        A pack of what looked like thousands of walkers were in the street we just turned into. They all turned and their attention was now on us. I gripped Daryl's jacket and he put one foot to the ground, turning the bike and he pressed the pedal. Just as he turned I felt one grab onto my shirt and I screamed. I reached down to my boot and pulled out my knife, plunging it into it's head before it had time to bite my arm. I put my knife back in my boot and we left the rest of the walkers in the dust.

        Daryl stopped in front of a grocery store, putting up the kick stand. "Did he touch you?!" He asked, rushing over and checking my arm." I shook my head and he sighed. "Thank god. Let's go find some food." I nodded and we walked to the door, pulling out my sword. He kicked open the doors on his second try and we walked in.
        We split up, he went to the food and I went to medical supplies. There wasn't much left but there were still a few things that were useful. I threw them in my bag along with a few toys I saw on the other side of the store. Most of them were baby toys but some were also things like Justin Bieber dolls that I knew Julia would love.
        "Okay, my packs full." I walked back to Daryl and he put on his bag. "Mine too." We started walking out and I saw some CD'S and DVD'S. I smiled and walked to them, shoving some in my bag. Outside I heard Daryl start up the bike again and I walked out, getting on the back of the bike. "Ready?" I nodded and we headed back for the prison.

        This time Glenn opened the gate for us. I gave him a smile which he returned and the bike turned off. Daryl and I slid off and he walked over to me. Unexpectedly he opened his arms and gave me a hug. "I'm glad you weren't hurt." He kissed the top of my head and I heard Carl behind me. 
        "Hurt?!" I laughed and turned out of the hug only to be in another. "I'm fine Carl, just ran into a few walkers is all." I heard him sigh and I smiled. He was so overprotective, even worse then Daryl. I pulled out of the hug and as I did I took of Carl's hat and placed on his head. "Where it belongs." He smiled at me and we walked into the cell to unload what we found. 
        Daryl and I got to the table and dumped our packs. Food tumbled out of his while medicine, bandages, toys, CD'S, and DVD'S fell out of mine. Carol and Hershel collected the food and medical supplies. Beth took the baby toys to the baby's room, and I had Carl take the CD'S and the DVD'S to the tower. 
        Julia ran up to see what we got and before she saw what I had I hid it behind my back. "Pick a hand." She squinted her eyes and stroked her imaginary beard. "Left." I pulled out her Justin Bieber doll that sang and even had clothes that came with it. She gasped and took the doll. She jumped around in circles, holding the doll to her chest. When she was done she gave me a hug. "Thank you thank you thank you." I nodded and she ran away the doll. I watched her go to her cell and saw Beth coming down the stairs. She gave me a look and walked towards me.
        She was just about to say something until Carl came running back into the cell, grabbing my hand. "Come with me. I have something for you." I blushed and looked at Beth. "Sorry, maybe some other time." She gave me a scowl and Carl led me to the tower. Once inside I stared in aw at what I was seeing.

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