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My Hero ~A Carl Grimes love story~(Completed)
Story published February 19, 2013 · updated October 15, 2013 · completed · 99 pages · 14,235 readers · 251,857 reads
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Carl's P.O.V.

        "Please be them, please be them, please be them." I whispered to myself as I heard a car coming down the path. I looked behind the metal fence and sure enough, Maggie's car came speeding toward me and Carol. I smiled and opened up the gate letting them in. Once they were in I closed the gate door behind them so walkers couldn't get in. My dad, Rick, got out of the drivers seat along with everybody else in the car.        
       "Dad!" I smiled. He smiled back and gave me a hug. "Oh thank god." He breathed into my hair. I soon pulled away and saw Carol looking in the car. "Where's Daryl?" She asked as Glenn drove the car back up to the courtyard. My dad sighed and lowered his head, putting a hand on her shoulder. A look of shock overcame her face and she let out a little gasp.
        "Is he-" My dad cut her off. "No, he's not dead. He decided to go off on his own for a while." WHAT?! I thought in my head. Daryl was the strongest person in the group besides my dad. Why would he just leave?
        My dad slung his arms around Carol and I as we walked back to the courtyard. Before we got to far up the hill I remembered the other gate and ran to close it. I did a quick check on the lock and jogged back over to my dad and Carol. 

        Later that night my dad was deciding on whether to kick out the small group I found in the prison or keep them here, safe. He was talking to the main leader of the group of four when Hershel asked to have a private conversation with him. Hershel and my dad talked for while and I couldn't help but notice him look up at the balcony above us a few times. I glanced up there myself and saw nothing. 
        "What do you want from us?" He asked, walking over to the bottom of the balcony. "Dad?" You could tell my voice was a little shaky and that I was a bit worried. "You're not welcome here!" He shouted at nothing. Maggie put a comforting hand on my shoulder, giving it a slight reassuring squeeze. "GET OUT!" He screamed. I flinched a bit and Glenn soon ushered them out of the cell block and into another.

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