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My Hero ~A Carl Grimes love story~(Completed)
Story published February 19, 2013 · updated October 15, 2013 · completed · 99 pages · 14,675 readers · 258,841 reads
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        I jolted upright and my breathing became heavy. "Are you okay babe?!" Carl sat next to me with a scared expression on his face. "You started screaming in your sleep." I nodded, holding a hand up to my heart. "I'm alright, just....a bad dream." He rubbed my back and I sighed, burying my head in my hands.
        "Do you wanna talk about it?" He asked me, still rubbing circles on my back. I pried my hands away from my face and looked at Carl. "It was a dream about how my parents....died." His mouth made an 'o' shape and nodded. "Now I can't say that it was just a dream." I chuckled and made him lay down, still being in the middle of the night. I layed my head on his bare chest and sighed.
        He placed a hand on my head and ran his fingers through my hair. I smiled a small smile and felt my eyes droop again. My breathing was finally normal and I could fall asleep again. Closing my eyes I thought about things other than my parents and soon fell into a deep sleep.

        I felt the sunlight hit my eyelids but  didn't wake up. I just didn't want to. "Common, I know your awake." I groaned and pulled the covers over my head. I always slept in, and he knew that too. "We're going on a run today, remember?" I nodded my head even though I knew he probably couldn't see it.
        Before I knew what was going on Carl ripped the covers off of my warm body. "Ahh! Now I'm cold!" I screamed. I brought my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. "Well, come over here and I'll warm you up." I smiled and opened my eyes to see Carl with his arms open, waiting.        
        I rolled off the mattress and into Carl's arms. "You're warm." He laughed. "I told you." His arms held my waist and mine did the same. "Where are we going?" I asked. I felt him shake his head then pull away. "Don't know yet. Common, get dressed." He gave me my clothes and walked out of the tower.
        I squeezed into my jeans and threw on his sweatshirt over my cami. Slipping on my boots and putting in my knife I saw Carl's hat on the counter. He hasn't worn that thing in forever. I picked up his hat on my way out the door, placing it on my head. Next to the door I grabbed my sword then closed the door behind me.
        I looked down on the ground and saw no one outside. Then I knew the reason why, It was raining, great. Good thing I had a hat. I climbed down the ladder and walked into the cell block. When I was inside I felt really claustrophobic. People were everywhere! In the cells, hanging outside the cells, and all over the cafeteria area. 
        I found Carl with Julia in the mix of everyone and made my way there. "Are you wearing my hat?" Carl asked when I got there. I nodded, tipping the rim. "It goes with my outfit." He laughed but then his smile faded. "My dad said I'm not going on the run. He said that he needs me here to take care of the kids with Carol and Beth."
        Sighing I nodded. "Sorry, but I'm still going." He smiled. "I kinda thought you would still wanna go. Have fun." I smiled at him and kissed his soft lips. "Thanks." I looked down at Julia and she crinkled her nose. "Eww." I laughed and kissed her forehead. "Be good for them alright?" She nodded. "Of course."
        "Alright Becca, we're going." Rick told me as he walked by, gathering the group. I gave them one last smile and left, following behind Rick. We got out side and I noticed that we were taking two cars for the run today. Maggie and Michonne stood by one car with two other men. They all piled into the car.
        Rick walked to the other car and I followed. A boy and that other girl that came with Tyrese were standing at the other car, waiting for Rick. When they saw he was coming they both got in the car, The boy in the back and the girl in the passenger seat. Rick opened the door for me and I thanked him, getting in. He closed the door behind me and got in as well.
        I sighed and looked at the boy sitting next to me. When I saw his face I frowned. If Carl ever knew about this he'd kill the kid. "Hey Becca." Ryan smiled at me. I gave him a small smile, trying not to be rude. "Hi Ryan." His smile grew bigger and he looked out his window. Frowning I did the same.
        The car started and Rick made the car go forward. We drove through the courtyard gate that someone from the new group opened up for us. When both cars passed by they closed the gate and ran for shelter inside the cell block. Sighing I looked out my rainy window at walkers that still tried going for the car.
        "This is gonna be fun." Ryan said next to me. "Yeah, pretty exciting." I heard him chuckle next to me and I looked at him. He smiled. "I haven't really been on may runs, well, none actually." I frowned. "Really?" He nodded. "The Governor made sure that no one left the town, not that anyone wanted to besides me."
        I gave him a look and he smiled again. "I like being on my own. I would have jumped the wall along time ago if it wasn't for my sister." I smiled, knowing what it feels like. "Same here. If it wasn't for my cousin Julia I'd probably be out there by myself some where. I like being around people but I don't like having to look out for them all the time."
        He turned in his seat to look at me better. "I know right!" Rick shushed him and he frowned then looked at me again. He gave me a face, making fun of grumpy Rick and I laughed. "Anyways," he looked at Rick then back at me, "my sisters name is Gloria, I think she's friends with Julia." I nodded. "Yeah, they share the same cell."
        He looked up at my hat and laughed. "What's with the hat?" I blushed and pulled the hat closer to my head. "It's my boyfriend Carl's." His smile faded and he sat up straight. "Oh, right." I rolled my eyes and scooted closer to him. "You know we can be friends right?" He looked down at me and smiled again. "I would love to be your friend."

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