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Kim Possible Fanfic
Story published February 20, 2013 · updated October 15, 2013 · 25 pages · 3,203 readers · 12,180 reads
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

A/N: The beginning of this chapter is an excerpt from Kim Possible episode number 3?  All copy rights belong to Kim Possible creators and the tv show itself. But, yeah. Enjoy!
"Thanks for the lift, Akuu" Kim said, riding on the snowmobile.

"No problem! It's the least I can do! You saved my life!" Akuu said, laughing.

"It was just an itty bitty iceberg. SO not the drama." 

"Kim!! I'm still blind!"  Ron said, flailing. His face was full of snow.

Kim leaned in and rubbed the snow off his glasses.

"You're supposed to be watching for signs of Drakken!" Kim said, crossing her arms.

As they were riding, they drove upon a building.

"That looks suspicious to me." Ron said, smiling.

"Thanks, Ron." Kim said, sarcastically.

They hopped of the snow mobile, thanked Akuu, and walked into the lair

(This is now my work. I thought up this idea.)

When they entered the lair, they heard noises coming from the main room. Kim and Ron tip-toed stealthily into the room.

"Oh Drakken!" Shego san, lying on the couch.

To Kim and Ron's surprise, Drakken and Shego were making out on the couch.

"Ew! Oh, Ew!" Ron yelled, hiding behind Kim.

Shego jumped off of Drakken while Drakken wiped his mouth, getting off the couch. 

"Oh, don't act like you and Kimmie don't have make-out sessions!" Shego said, licking her lips.

"Um...Yeah no, we don't..." Kim said, still amazed at what she had seen.

"Do you mean that you and Ron haven't...what's the word...Hooked up yet?" Drakken asked, surprised

"No, we don't plan to." Kim said, crossing her arms.

"Kimmie, you might not want to say that just yet. I HATED Drakken, but now.." Shego said, looking at Drakken lovingly.

"We don't like each other, Shego!" Kim said, getting upset.

"Okay, okay! Calm down, Kimmie!" Shego said, backing into Drakken.

"Would you PLEASE just tell me what you plan on doing with the cruise tickets and the laser gun?" Kim said, with an attitude.

"Well, the cruise tickets are for our honeymoon, and the laser gun is so I looked cool buying a laser gun!" Drakken said, looking proud.

"Is that really...WE'RE OUTTA HERE!" Kim yelled, dragging Ron behind her.

They walked out the lair, Kim steaming.

"They bought all that junk, we came all this way...FOR THEM TO BE PREPARING FOR THEIR HONEYMOON?!" Kim said, irritated.

"Kim, it's fin-" Ron said, getting cut off.

"And THEN, they had the nerve to ask if you and I were dating! You're my best friend, Ron!" Kim said, green eyes blazing with anger.

"KP!!" Ron said, making her quiet. "Don't worry! Calm Down!"

"Okay..." Kim said, embarrassed.


(At Bueno Nacho)

"So, how's your room?" Ron asked.

"I haven't tried it out yet..." Kim said, rubbing an eye.

"Well, you look tired..." Ron said, slightly laughing at her.

"I am. I spent the WHOLE day deciding what clothes to bring." Kim said, looking exhausted.

"Well, it's over now." Ron said.

"Yeah, but now we have to worry about grades." Kim said, red hair covering the table as she banged her head on it.

"Kp...KP...STOP!" Ron said, scared she'd hurt herself.

"Moving on..." Kim said, lifting her head. "Those 'Nacos' aren't healthy AT ALL." Kim said, looking at the concoction in disgust.

"The cross between nachos and tacos. Called 'The Naco'." Ron said, proudly.

"Okay, I call it 'Heart attack wrapped in unleavened bread'." Kim joked.

"When I'm done, we'll drive back home..." Ron said, stuffing his face with the Naco.

. . . 5 minutes later

"Kay, let's go." Ron said, licking his fingers.

"That's fast?" Kim said, putting her jacket on.

"Yup. Nacos are hard to stop eating." Ron said, pretending to cry.

"Wow...Another reason they aren't good to eat." Kim said.

Ron stood up, opened the door for Kim, and walked out, waving to Ned. When they reached the car, Kim opened the door for herslef, stepping inside. Ron, surprised, opened his door and got in.

"Don't like when I open the door?" Ron asked, starting the car.

"Well, I kinda forgot," She said, laughing. "Been with my mom too long."

"Oh." He said, chuckling.

They drove off the college.

"So, are you going to buy special sheets for the dorm?" Ron asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Probably. I don't like white sheets...So boring." Kim said, rubbing her eyes.

Kim started yawning and reclining the seat, getting comfy.

After a while, Ron broke the silence. "Kp?" He called out. No answer. Ron looked over at Kim and found her sleeping. "Aw" He breathed, catching quick glances at her as he focused on driving.

When they got home, Kim was still sleeping. Ron got out, walked over, and proceeded to carry Kim into the dorm room. He walked into the room Kim had picked (The slightly bigger one), and lightly placed her on the bed, taking her jacket off and hanging it in the closet.

"Goodnight, Kim" Ron said, cutting the lights out and walking out of the room.

Later on, when Kim woke up, she padded into the kitchen, looking for food. She groggily opened the fridge to find it was empty.

"Um..Kp, we haven't gone shopping yet." Ron said, rubbing an eye. 

"Sorry if I woke you up, Ron." Kim said, running her fingers through her knotted hair. "This'll be fun to comb through..."

"Oh no, you didn't. I was having a hard time sleeping anyway...Ron said, sitting on the couch, flipping on the TV.

"Watcha thinkin' about?" Kim asked, plopping on the couch beside him.

"Well, I was thinking about when you told me that college is a new experience and all...I'm just worried about school tomorrow."Ron said, exhailing a deep breath.

"Don't worry, Ron. Just be yourself." Kim said, as if it were the easiest thing ever "What time is it?"

"10:47 pm" Ron said, turning his phone on.

"Let's order pizza!" She said, taking Ron's phone and dialing the number.

"Okay, but why are we using my phone?" Ron asked, looking at his phone.

"Because it's out of your pocket." Kim said, holding the phone up to her ear.


"I'm going to die of starvation!" Ron said, lying hopelessly on the couch.

"No, you won't. You had Bueno Nacho a couple hours ago..." Kim said, giving him a look.

"That was a couple hours ago. A COUPLE HOURS AGO, KP!" Ron said, eyes wide with hunger.

*Ding, Dong*

"FOOD!" Ron said, running to the door.

"Ay! No, you sit, I'll answer the door." Kim said, getting up.

She walked over to the door and opened it.