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The Lost Love of Caius Ballad
Story published February 21, 2013 · updated February 22, 2013 · 5 pages · 398 readers · 1,394 reads
(1)The Lost
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(1)The Lost

I am Crystal Moonlight, I came from 700AF.  But I was not there for long since a paradox sucked me up and took me to 400AF to gaurd Hope Estheim for the time being. 

"Mr. Estheim. Your four o'clock is here."  I smiled at Mr. Estheim, handing him a pile of papers.

"Thank you."  He said grabbing the papers from my hands as he quickly walked out the big door like gates.  I smiled and walked towards the new Cocoon he was working on for the past 100 years. 

"How beautiful!"  I said admiring the bright green orb. 

"It is!"  A girl dressed in the Academy type clothing assured me. 

"Isn't it marvelous how an idea can make such a beautiful thing!"  I stated still looking it over with awe.

"Well Mr. Estheim is just that mavelous."  She said turning a little red.

"I wish there was stuff like this where I used to live."  I sighed looking down at my old shoes.

"Where did you used to live?"  She asked me looking me over, I wore the same clothes she had but I spiced it up with my original shoes that I wore back in 700AF.

"700AF."  I said timidly, I had only told Mr. Estheim that I came from 700AF since he already knew Noel it seemed to be a good idea.   Mr. Estheim promised me that when he saw Noel again he would inform me so that I could ask him where Caius Ballad was.

"Wow. 700AF!"  She said excitedly smiling at me.  A loud beeping noise chimed in the distance.  "I'm sorry I must go." She said to me as she ran out the door.  I smiled at her as she ran away. 

"Crystal!" A familiar voiced yelled from outside the doors.  I quickly ran over to the door trying to remember the voice I heard.

"Can I help you?"  I asked trying to peer throught the large gate like doors.  

"It's me Noel!"  The man yelled as the door opened.  I almost started crying, no one had any idea how long I missed Noel!  I loved him!  But I was
to marry Caius.  

"Noel!"  I yelled running towards him with open arms crying a little.

"I missed you too."  He said keeping his face serious.  I had forgotten what he smelt like, it was a lily and vanilla smell.  Oh how I missed that smell! He wore the same clothes that he wore when I left him.

"I'm just so happy to see you!"  I bellowed as Mr. Estheim came back into the room.

"Why are you here?  Why did you leave me, Caius and Yuel all alone?"  He asked me starring me down with his blue eyes.

"It was a paradox.  I never wanted to leave you Noel."  I said looking him over again.  He had a girl beside him with light pink hair, she wore a dress that was white and pink as well.

"Hello I am Crystal Moonlight."  I said putting out my hand for her to shake.

"Hello I am Serah Farron."  She said smiling at me, I was jealous that she got to travel with Noel and not me.  

"Nice to meet you."  I smiled back and turned my attention to Mr. Estheim.  "Mr. Estheim thank you."  I stated smiling at him still really happy about finding Noel for me.