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Story published February 21, 2013 · updated August 15, 2013 · completed · 68 pages · 4,005 readers · 62,760 reads
Dream on.
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Dream on.


"Wake up, sweetheart." My mother said with her soothing voice.
Her warm brown eyes staring down at me and her short, snow white hair hung just above her shoulders. Her cream ears popping out of her hair.
"Hey, mommy."
"Do you know what today is?" She asked excitedly.
"Yes." I smiled.
"Happy 9th birthday, son." Mommy said and began to tickle me.
I was having a giggle fit, when my dad walked into the room with a small cupcake in his hand.
My daddy was a tall man, also with white hair, but his eyes were a blue green, most of the time.
"Make a wish, son." Dad said and handed me the cupcake.
I closed my eyes, and wished the same old wish.
I wish I had a little sister. 
I began to eat my cupcake and listened to mommy.
"Ok, Lucifer, we have a surprise for you." Mommy smiled.
"What is it?!" I asked with my mouth full of cupcake.
Mommy giggled, and wiped my mouth.
"Get dressed, and you'll find out."
I got dressed and ran out into the living room, where mommy and daddy was waiting for me. 
"You ready, little prince?" Mommy giggled again and grabbed my hand.
"Mommy, I'm not a prince. I think you like to call me that just because that would make you queen." She laughed.
"Would I be king?" Daddy asked and took my other hand.
"No," Mommy answered. "You'd be the royal fool." She said, making me giggle.
"Sorry, your highness." Daddy joked, purposefully stumbling as he bowed to me and mom.
We all walked down the small path in the woods, all laughing and making jokes.
"Oh, mommy, daddy! Look at what I learned to do!" I laughed at myself and ran in front of them.
I squeezed my eyes shut and concentrated hard.
Then, I fell to the ground as a small white kitten.
"Oh my goodness sweetheart!" Mommy came over to me and picked me up. "That's great!" She touched her nose to mine.
I love my family, so very much.
She set me down, and I concentrated on being human again.  
"That was awesome, son! You learn that on your own?" My father asked, patting me on the back.
I was about to answer, but my mommy shushed me.
"Jack, do you hear that?" She asked quietly.
Dad tensed and sniffed the air.
"Hide." Dad pushed me into a bush, pulling mom along.
"Daddy? What's wrong?" I whimpered.
"Luci, you have to be quite. Ok sweetheart?" Mom whispered and stroked my hair.
My parents crouched down behind the bush, I copied their movements.
Peaking out through the leaves, I watched tall men with guns and knives come out from behind the trees.
"Mommy.. What do they want?" I asked in a quiet voice.
Mommy pressed her finger to her lips, I continued watching.
"Mate," One of the men whispered. "Look up there."
The other man smiled.
"Is that one of our kitties?"
"Let's find out." He raised the gun, and shot.
 A small albino squirrel tumbled out of the tree tops.  
I gasped, my mother quickly covered my mouth.
The hunters looked around, but didn't notice us. 
"Mommy, make them go away." I whispered.
I got down on my hands and knees, trying hard to stop talking.
"Man, we're never going to find those Nekos."
"We have to. We need their skin if we want a paycheck."
"I bet they're not even that rare."
I looked up at my mommy and daddy. Daddy was holding mommy's hand, and she was crying.
"No, they're pretty rare. Only two left in the world." 
"Then.. Are you sure we should kill them?"
"Do you want a paycheck? We need those stupid cats. We'll get big money if we capture them." The man looked up. "And remember, the boss want them dead."
I started to cry. I knew exactly who they were talking about. MY mommy, and, MY daddy.
I thought about my mommy and daddy's tail and ears, hanging on some hunters wall. I sobbed, a little louder than I should've.
"Hush, baby."
"There they are!"
Dad grasped my arms and pulled me out of the bush.
Mommy ran up, close behind daddy and I.
"Run Lucifer!" Mommy yelled.
We ran for what seemed like hours.
When we finally stopped, it was in a small clearing.
"Lucifer," Mommy panted. "Are you all-UH!" She fell to the ground, holding her stomach.
"Mary!" Daddy crawled over to her, but also fell to the ground, holding his stomach as well.
I burst out in tears and crawled to my dying parents.
"Please mama.. Don't close your eyes.. Dad, no.." I sobbed.

"Lucifer... Baby, please always remember... you always have a choice." Her hand touched my wet face. "I love you.." She gasped for air, and went limp in my arms.
"Daddy.." I whimpered.
"Son, run, hide. Don't come out. Stay safe.. I lo-" He stopped breathing.
"No.. No please.. Mommy.. Daddy?" I shook their lifeless bodies. It was far from too late.
I shrunk down and hid under some tree roots.
"Awe, they're beautiful."
Two men came and picked up my parents. 
"Should sell for a few good bucks."
"Come back, mommy.. Daddy, I need you."

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Hi guys.
So, this chapter is just a little look on Lucifer's childhood. And yes, he was supposed to be dreaming.

Do you know how hard it is to write a sad chapter when your boyfriend is telling you cheesy pick up lines?

"Hey, did you just fart? Cuz you blew me away." "Are you religious? Cuz you're the answer to all my prayers." "If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?"


Just wondering.