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Love is a Battlefield
Story published February 22, 2013 · updated August 1, 2013 · 36 pages · 572 readers · 7,920 reads
Carl Grimes
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Carl Grimes

The name's Carl. Carl Grimes.
15 years old.
I've watched everything I know get taken away from me because of this stupid Walker Apocalypse.
I miss my old life, where Dad and I played catch for hours and he and Mom never fought.
I'm basically already set up to be with Beth, but neither of us really feel that way about each other.
I think I like this new girl, Aly. She brightens up this dreary existence.
I hope that one day the Earth will be rid of walkers, and humans as a race can repopulate the planet. Start over again. Like Adam and Eve, except with experience.

Weapon of choice: Shotgun, but can easily use a rock to bash some walker's heads in.

Favorite color: Orange.

Words of Advice: Always fight for what you want. If you don't, don't cry for what you've lost.