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BEN's Agony
Story published February 22, 2013 · completed · 1 page · 357 readers · 436 reads
BEN's Agony
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BEN's Agony

I sit wearily at my computer in my rotten old house, waiting for the right victim to get

on Cleverbot. The one I feel like torturing, now that I'm in my "ghost" form, as some would

call it, since I died and cannot be at rest. Not when their are victims.

Finally, the right one gets on. I know this because I am an excellent hacker, as I was a 

computer geek when I was alive. 

As the routine goes, I start out acting like the AI on Cleverbot, but gradually, I begin

to act creepy, and plant fear in their hearts. But, the victim stops me in my tracks.

She makes a comment about water.

Let all the fear inside you drown... 

I hate water, I was killed by it. That's why they, being the fans of me (which I don't 

see how a dead person has fans) call me Ben DROWNED.

The victim said, "I love the water and oceans."

I angrily reply,"What of it?"

The memory is like being stabbed in the heart, a painful, painful memory.

Tear out the blade and lay it down... 

She replies, "Oh, nothing. Just making conversation."

I am weary and weak now from the memory. It hurts. Oh, it hurts. The sadness of it all.

The only way to deal with it... is the torture of my victims.

Save sorrow for the souls in doubt... 

I then feel the blackness that is my eyes, and the blood dripping from them. My bloody,

painful tears. Pull yourself together! I wearily think, but I'm tired. I feel like taking

this victim. I leap into my screen and out of her's, repeated the same routine I do every 

time my victim plays Majora's Mask. That's because I am Ben DROWNED, and you don't play

my game. She shouldn't have done that...

Bleed every care out.