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Marshall Lee X Reader
Story published February 23, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · completed · 40 pages · 6,326 readers · 64,247 reads
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   You woke up the next morning in Marshall Lee's bed. You could hear the shower running and Marshall Lee singing about something.  Then the running water stopped and Marshall stepped out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. Your's and his jaw dropped. You blushed at least 50 shades of red. Marshall Lee did as well. You covered your eyes with you hand. "Here, just put these on." You threw some clothes at his face. You knew it was his face because right as it hit his face he said a muffled 'thank you.' "Okay, you don't need to do that anymore." He says. "Hey, let's work on a song. We could try doing a duet." Marshall Lee says. You like that idea and agree. You walk down stairs and get ready to sing your part.  Marshall plays a few notes on his keyboard and starts singing:
I walk alone
Why am I an outcast
No one to talk to
No one to hug
My parents left me during the war
Why would the do that
Why did they do that?

your part:
I'll walk with you 
don't be afraid
I'll talk to you
I'll love you 
I will never leave your side. 
My parents,
they left me, too
Why would they do that
Why did they do that?

I'm afraid of being alone
afraid to face the truth.

your part/chorus
Don't worry
I'll be there
Don't be afraid
Because I care
You'll never be alone
If I'm there
Trust me
I'll be there for you.

I do trust youuuu 
Do you trust me
|Harmonize| If we trust each other |harmonize|
|harmonize| We're like family |harmonize|
Your part/chorus
Don't you dare worry 
I'll be there  (I'll be there)
Don't be afraid (don't be afraid)
Because I care
You'll never be alone 
If I'm with you

Trust me
|harmonize| I'll be there for youuuu |harmonize|
   After the song you and Marshall Lee were on the verge of tears. You ran up to him and hugged him, sobbing into his chest. You remembered all of the painful memories of watching your mother and father explode from a bomb. All of a sudden Fionna and Cake walked through the door. You looked over at them with a tear stained face. "Oh, is this a bad time?" Fionna asked. Marshall nodded and they left.  He sat you down on the couch that was rock hard. You soon started to laugh, "Why is this couch really hard. That sounds so gross." You laughed even more. "I just don't sit on it. I just, you know float." He said. He stopped floating for a minute just to see how hard the couch was. "It is pretty hard. You're right, that does sound nasty." Marshall Lee cringed. You laughed as he made that face. Then you hugged him. "You're so ridiculous." You say.
   You got off the hard couch and went into the kitchen. You looked around for something to eat. All he had were red things. Apples, strawberries, cherries, some creampuffs from Prince Gumball that were actually for Fionna ect. "Don't you have anything else to eat?" You whined. Marshall Lee shrugged. "What exactly does that mean?" You pointed over to him. "It means probably not." He says with a 'duh' look on his face. "Okay..." You say looking out into space. You were questioning your own love for Marshall Lee, afraid he doesn't feel the same.

authors note. 
I know you hate these but um. The next two chapters are mixed up. So read the Invatation and then read Change is Sometimes Good.


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