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Marshall Lee X Reader
Story published February 23, 2013 · updated January 9, 2014 · completed · 40 pages · 6,405 readers · 65,388 reads
The Invatation
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The Invatation

   You sat on the couch thinking. Many questions raced through your head. Does he really like you? Do you actually like him?  Should you just leave his house and continue to find a house? But whatever you thought about, you decided that since  you needed to go find a house, you would be leaving. You walked into the kitchen to see Marshall sucking the red out of an apple. "Um, Hey Marsh," You said nervously, "This can't be good. What's the matter?" Marshall had a concerned look on his face. "Well, I just wanna let you know that um, I should get going to find a house." You looked at him straight in the eyes. "That it?" He asked raising an eyebrow. You nodded, blushing. "Um...yeah." You looked away. "Well okay then. I'll see you sometime soon." Marshall says. It looked like her really wanted to tell you something. You started to walk away. "Wait, (Y/N)." He said. You turned around to see a crying Marshall Lee. "Oh glob. Did I do something wrong?" You ask running to him. "I-I d-don't leave me. I'm tired of being alone. I've been alone for a thousand years. I h-hate it." He sobbed into your shoulder. You hugged hike tightly. "Marshall, look at me." You say firmly. He looks at you and before he knew it, you smashed your lips against his. You could feel him smile into the kiss. 
   "Marshall, I-I really like you. Like I think I love you." You avoided making eye contact, afraid you'll be to nervous to say anything. "I really like you to. So will you live with me? We could be like roommates." Marshall suggested. Be roommates? With Marshall Lee?! That sounded like so much fun! "Yes, I'd love to." You smiled widely. 
   So you moved in, got all of your stuff unpacked, built a closet for your clothes, and GOT A NEW COUCH!!!!! Yay!!!! After all that you two were so  tired. It was 8:00 p.m and you and Marshall lay in your own beds that were actually just beside each other. "This feels really weird." Marshall says looking up at the ceiling. "Yes, very weird." You say looking over at him. He looks at you, too. All of a sudden Marshall got this extremely excited face. He gets up, finds his notebook and starts scribbling in it. You look at him, "What are you doing?" You ask curiously. "Oh...I didn't know you were still awake. I'm just writing stuff." He says casually. To you it sounded very suspicious. You looked at Marshall. He just gave you a really bad thumbs up. You rolled your eyes playfully and fell asleep. 

Sorry if you thought this was to short. This my first story and I really wanna finish it but...yeah. 


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