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Family For Hire
Story published February 23, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 22 pages · 4,535 readers · 13,367 reads
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I drew a breath. We'd just finished "Make A Move" and were continuing our set with "Get Well", "Off With Her Head", "Iodine", "Theatre", and "Fight". The three other guys in the band looked to me. I nodded and we continued on through all the others until "Fight". I put up my hand. I needed water. Adam(our drummer) nodded. I downed a whole water bottle and glanced around. We were at some high school reunion in Nevada. I'd forgotten exactly where, but we'd needed the gig to promote the album we'd just released with Tooth & Nail Records appropriately entitled "Scripted".
I picked up the mike once more and said "Alright, everybody. This will be our last song before we go. This last one is called "Fight" and we hope you enjoy it because it's been a pleasure performing for you." The intro started and I was immediately swept up in the music. I lost myself in the song. I loved performing "Fight" because, depending on the audience you were performing for, the crowd actually got involved and participated. It was great. This time, we seemed to be in luck.
" 'I'll Fight!' " I sang.
" 'FIGHT!' " the crowd echoed back.
" 'Fight! Fight, or be taken out alive,' "

" 'FIGHT!' "

"Fight! No where to run, no where to hide. Standing on the edge, am I better off dead? I've got to find a way to--"
"FIGHT!" we said to-gether
" 'Or be taken out alive,' " I finished.
The crowd applauded. "Thank-you! You've been great!" I said. "Once again, we are Icon For Hire and the songs we performed for you to-night are from our debut album "Scripted". You can come over to our merch table in the back corner and buy it as well as some of other items of merchandise or you can get it online from iTunes or Amazon. Thank-you!" I switched off the mike and turned to help dis-assemble the drum set. Once that was through Adam said "Ariel, you man the merch table and we'll finish cleaning up,"
"Okay," I said and jumped off of the stage and sprinted to the table where two guys were already there, talking to my social worker. I quickly went around to the other side and said "Can I help you guys with anything?"
"Um... Maybe," said a guy who looked extremely familiar. "We'd like to buy your album."
"Oh, right here." I said reaching for a case that we'd pad-locked. "Only band members have keys," I explained as I saw the look on the other guy's face.
"You do all the work yourselves?" he said in a voice that told of London.
"Yes. I mean, we have help with recording and producing from Tooth & Nail Records, but other than that we do everything."
"How old are you?" the first guy asked.